Specializing in Pregnancy Care for High Risk Pregnant Women!

Mamas on Bedrest and Beyond is  designed with high risk mamas in mind! We cater to older mamas, mamas of multiples, mamas who have undergone IVF or mamas with other conditions that require special attention and restricted activity. All of our services are provided by certified doulas, childbirth educators and lactation educators! We are proud to serve our local Greater Austin mamas and are available for consultations for non-local mamas.

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 Mamas on Bedrest AntePatum Doula Training Program!

At long last, the Mamas on Bedrest AnePartum Doula Training Program is here! Learn how to help high risk pregnant mamas remain calm and stress-free while supporting them towards a full term pregnancy! This six week online program is a combination of self study and online classes and will prepare doulas to serve high risk pregnant women at home or in the hospital. Doulas will also learn tools and tips to run their own bed rest doula practice.

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A Natural Approach to Labor!

This FREE Childbirth Education class is available to help couples learn how to manage the rigors of labor with natural modalities such as movement, changes in position and Rebozo. Located in Austin Texas, the class takes place on March 25, 2018 from 1pm to 3pm at the Toybrary Austin. Full details and registration are Here 

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