How to support a Mama on bed rest

April 21st, 2009

When a woman goes on bed rest, whether it be for preterm labor or another disorder, life as she and her family know it comes to a grinding halt. It can be a very stressful situation but it doesn’t have to be. Well meaning family and friends often agree to pitch in and help, but sometimes don’t know where or how to begin.

First and foremost it’s important to remember that Mama needs to take really good care of herself. Beyond resting, eating well and following her doctors orders, it is essential to keep Mama’s spirits up and stress level low. Knowing that the household duties are handled can go a long way to keeping Mama calm. Providing some extra pampering will not only help Mama feel better physically, but will also lift her spirits.

Below are 10 suggestions for loved ones that want to help a Mama on bed rest and her family.

  1. Pay for a cleaning service. This could be for a one time visit or for ongoing services while Mama is on bed rest.
  2. Arrange for a nanny/sitter. Older children still need care and guidance. Knowing that her children are well cared for will go a long way to giving Mama some peace of mind.
  3. Offer to take her older children out for the day. Not only is this a difficult time for Mama, children are also missing their routine with Mama. Offer to take them out for a special day-a movie, lunch, a sporting event or other special activity. Mama will really appreciate it and the kids will LOVE the attention.
  4. Assist with pet care. A family pet is often Mama’s “other child”. Having Mama out of commission can be very disconcerting to a pet. Offer to take the dog for a long walk, a run to a dog run or volunteer to take the family pet to its regular vet exam.
  5. Order meal delivery. Many church and neighborhood associations will provide meals to a family when Mama is on bed rest. While this is a generous gesture, Mama’s nutritional needs need to be considered. If she is on bed rest for Pre-Eclampsia or gestational diabetes, good nutrition is essential. A meal delivery service or personal chef service and address particular nutritional requirements and provide Mama and her family with delicious and nutritious meals.
  6. Schedule in-home spa services for Mama. These days not only do massage therapists make house calls, many estheticians and hair stylists do as well. What Mama wouldn’t love a massage, facial or mani/pedicure?
  7. Get Mama a subscription to NetFlix or books on tape. She’s got nothing but time, let her catch up on some of her favorite entertainment she’s.
  8. Bring Mama a gift to make her surroundings more pleasant such as a new gown or robe, candles or pot pourri.
  9. Throw Mama a Baby Shower. Many Mamas on bed rest say that they feel cheated out of their pregnancy experience because they are isolated on bed rest. Round up a group of her friends and have a shower for her and/or the baby. Make it really fun by having guests arrive in their pajamas!
  10. Listen to and support her. Many Mamas on bed rest try really hard to be strong for their families, do what is best for their babies and all the while they are full of emotions themselves. While you can’t fix the situation, you can listen to and offer compassion. Give her the space to be however she wants to be.

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