“Sisters” in the Struggle

May 12th, 2009

I’ve been stuck. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve encountered several business obstacles that have been really frustrating.

When I started this business, I knew that I was going against the grain. Most organizations focus on providing resources that will help mom have a healthy baby. While this is important, the feeling that I got when I had high risk pregnancies is that my needs, my feelings and my health are all secondary to the needs of the baby. Consider some of the mother/baby organizations and events. The March of Dimes March for Babies’ mission is to see that every baby gets their 9 months. Admirable but what about the mom? How are we supporting her as she does her best to grow and nurture this baby? My local chapter of Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies has chosen to focus on the issue of breastfeeding. Again, a worthy cause, but not much focus on the needs of mom except as it relates to the welfare of the baby.

I specifically set out to serve moms with high risk pregnancies. After having had 2 high risk pregnancies myself, I often felt alone and isolated as I tried to deal with feelings of inadequacy (Would my body fail again and miscarry?), fear, feeling guilty for complaining (I was sick all day for all 9 months of my pregnancy with my daughter!!) and physically struggling to fulfill my family and home obligations. “Be happy.” I was told. “You’re pregnant. Don’t go borrowing trouble.” That was not at all my intent. I was simply a frightened mom-to-be who did not have her family close by to help and whose husband traveled frequently.

www.KeepEmCookin.com Angela Davids cheated preterm labor twice and delivered two healthy, term children. Here journey was not an easy one and as a result of her experiences on bed rest and in the hospital, she started KeepEmCookin.com, a place where women can share experiences, learn about their options and gain support.

storkwww.Storknet.com Created in 1996 by Maribeth Doerr, Storknet.com has grown from a list of resources to an information rich website of more than 10,000 pages covering pregnancy, parenting and more. Storknet.com has interviews with experts on a variety of topics, discussion groups, pregnancy tools, books and other resources.

www.Sidelines.org Candace Hurley and Laura Maurer first started this site in 1991 as Candace sought to fill a gap. She had been a part of RESOLVE, a national support group for infertile couples. Whiel she knew of several organizations that support families with premature infants or who have lost infants, she found nothing for families trying cope with high risk pregnancy. Over the years Sidelines.org has grown tremendously and provides international peer support for families coping with high risk pregnancy.

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