It’s my pleasure to introduce to you J. Davis Harte!

October 21st, 2009

JDavisHarteIt’s my pleasure to introduce to you J. Davis Harte. Davis and I are twitter friends and I have come to truly admire her incredible fortitude. Davis is a Type I (Insulin Dependent) Diabetic who keeps impeccable control of her blood sugars. Still, she could not escape pregnancy complications and prescribed bed rest. But not to worry, Davis and her adorable daughter are just fine! Her is Davis’s story.

“I have a passion for both children and designing interior spaces.  Therefore my consultancy business, Paradigm Spaces, rightly focuses on the designing of spaces for children!”

Davis is a time management maven.  Davis balances advising commercial design projects while finishing her Master’s Degree in Design and the Near Environment at Oregon State University, teaching undergraduate studios and being a new mom.

After living and (mostly) thriving with insulin dependent diabetes (Type 1) for 33 years, it came as no real surprise to Davis and her OB when she began to display signs of pre-eclampsia. At 34 weeks, she was persuaded to start bed rest. However, having already invested 3 years in her graduate program, a medically complicated pregnancy wasn’t about to arrest her progress! During the last few weeks of her data collection, Davis bent the rules slightly of her prescribed modified bed rest by allowing her mom and husband to drive her to the preschool where she was collecting her data. (These were her only outings aside from regular non-stress tests and growth-scans for about a month!)  She monitored her blood pressures at home and was checked regularly by her OB for urine protein levels.  Meanwhile, her diabetes management could not have been more well-controlled.  She had a final A1C (blood glucose average test) of 5.7 – nearly as good as a person without diabetes.  Nevertheless, her baby was estimated at 9lbs 12oz at 37 weeks and the pre-eclampsia was progressing, so she and her husband made the decision to start the induction process.  Her beautiful daughter Freya was born on September 16th, 2009, weighing 9lbs 12oz and 21.5 inches long.  Not a typical preeclampsia size – but Davis has never done anything typically and she couldn’t be more thankful or proud of the healthy outcome for both herself and her daughter.

To learn more about Davis and her incredible journey with Type I Diabetes, visit

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