Creating Holiday Cheer

December 3rd, 2009

The holiday season is in full swing, and you, a mama on bed rest, may not be feeling full of Yule tide cheer. Bed rest is never in any woman’s plans for her pregnancy and it can be particularly difficult during the holidays.  But just because you are on bed rest doesn’t mean that you can’t fully participate in and enjoy the holiday season. In fact, you have the chance to make this the best holiday season ever! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or another holiday tradition, this is the year that you can “do it up right”! Think about it, you have more time than ever before to prepare for the holidays and add those special “personal touches” you’ve always meant to add but never quite had time to do. This year with a baby on the way, do something extra special to commemorate this time. Here are 6 things that you can do to make this holiday season, the holiday season that you spent on bed rest, the best and most memorable ever!

1. Cheer up your surrounding.  First and foremost, holiday up your surroundings! Have family or friends help you gather up some holiday items and decorate your space. Garland around your windows, a small spruce plant or tree in your room, a candelabra or even lights will make you feel more festive. If you have older children, have them help by drawing pictures, making decorative chains out of popcorn and cranberries, construction paper, beads or whatever you happen to have handy. This will certainly create holiday memories.

2. Plan a holiday celebration. Now that your room is all decorated, take the celebration of your holiday to a new level. Read the history behind your particular holiday tradition and plan an extra special celebration of the holiday this year. Invite family and friends to join in.

3. Take the time to write meaningful notes in all of your holiday cards. My own guilt is showing here. Holiday greeting cards have become yet “one more thing” that I have to do, so much so that I now have our names printed on the inside of the cards to save time. This year, since you have time, think about everyone on your greeting card list. Have you seen them recently? Are they in good health? Have they lost a loved one this year? A job?? This year, really take the time to connect with them and show some interest in their lives. You’ll be amazed at how much cheer you, from your bed, will bring to them.

4. Make gifts.  You can’t get to the mall, So what? It’s over crowded and over priced anyway. Sure, you can shop online but with your extra time, why not create gifts for friends and family members that can really show how much you appreciate them. If you have the talent, draw or paint pictures. Rework some old photos on your computer and have them printed and frame. Knit, Crochet, sew or stitch personal items. Write a poem. Whatever your talent, share it with those that you love.

5. Create creative gift wrappings. Again, I’m notorious for grabbing one of those 5 roll packs on my way to the check out line. But perhaps you might want to try  creating really beautiful wrappings and baskets for your gifts. You can use beautiful ribbons and bows, buttons and beads, paints and stamps as well as pine cones, acorns leaves or twigs. The wrapping can reflect either your personality or that of the person for whom the gift is. Either way, it will make for a very special delivery.

6. Capture it all for baby. And let’s not forget our little guest (or guests) of honor! This is officially baby’s first holiday. Why not capture it and share it with the baby at a later time? This is a great time to scrapbook, to start an online blog or video journal. Record every little detail of the holiday; start with where you are and why, who is present, what are you celebrating, how are you celebrating and what does it mean? This can be one of the most intimate gifts that you create and share with your child, one that they can cherish for the rest of their lives.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how you, a mama on bed rest can enjoy and take an active part in the holiday season. From one mama to many others, Happy Holidays!!

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