The Work at Home Woman

December 24th, 2009

I made a conscious decision to stay at home after I had children. Since I married late (I was 35 when I got married), my husband and I reviewed our finances and, although we would not have a lot of extra income, we decided that we could afford if I didn’t work. I had suspected that I would have some trouble having children and the complicated road to having my 2 children lived up to my expectations. After two high risk pregnancies, threats of bed rest and a preterm labor with my first, I wanted to care for and raise my babies myself.

Prior to my daughter’s (my first) birth , I worked as a personal trainer and woman’s health consultant. After her birth and all the complications with my pregnancy I really began to focus on prenatal and post partum exercise, health and wellness. What I found was that trying to grow such a service, to be available to my clients as well as to my daughter proved nearly impossible. To keep afloat I began writing health care columns for local publications. Writing offered me the opportunity to work and earn some money, to provide comfort, information and support to other women and, most importantly, to be completely available for my daughter.

The work at home concept was just emerging when I had my daughter back in 2002. There weren’t the websites and support groups nor even the term “mompreneur” back then.  People were just beginning to explore more flexible work arrangements and “work/life balance” was just gaining momentum. Women were just beginning to question and explore how they could work and help provide income for their families while still providing the bulk of the care for their children. Over the years some women have excelled at the work at home concept and one such person is Holly Hanna, owner and founder of a website called The Work At Home Woman. TWAHW Banner

The Work at Home Woman website is a veritable plethora of information on working from home. The website contains information and questionnaires to help women decide if working from home is for them.  There are pages and pages of resources on how to get started working from home,  lists of various careers that lend themselves to working from home and how to set up your own home-based business. I visit this website often and each time gain valuable information I use to improve my now home based business. The Work at Home Woman has taken all the mystery and difficulty out of starting your own home based business.

As a mama on bed rest you may be wrestling with what to do with your job or career when your baby is born. After all you’ve gone through to have your little one, it’s completely natural to have reservations about leaving your child with another caregiver. Take comfort in the fact that you do have options.  It may be necessary for you to work in order to help support your family, but now you can work and help support your family while at the same time caring for your child full time or at least the majority of the time.

If you do decide to work from home, I highly recommend that you visit The Work at Home Woman website. With it’s wealth of information and resources, you’ll be able to start your home based career on a solid foundation and successfully grow your career or business to suite you and your family’s needs.

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