9 Ways a Mama on Bed Rest can Say “I Love You!” this V-Day

February 11th, 2010

Let’s face it, bed rest is a killer to your love life. All month I have been offering ways for you and your partner to “Keep the Love Alive”. Now here we are, just a few days from Valentine’s Day,  and you may be thinking, “Shoot, I’m stuck here on bed rest. How can I make this day special?”

Well, I’m glad that you asked. Sitting over breakfast I too was thinking of how to make this a special day for my own “hunny bunny”. As per usual, I am running late for the train, so I was thinking of things that I could order for quick delivery. So here are 9 ideas that I came up with over my breakfast taco and chai tea. If you use one for your “hunny” send a comment and let me know how it turned out!!

9 Valentine Ideas for Mamas on Bedrest to share with their partners

  1. Send flowers. Yeah, kinda screams “I forgot” but at least you remembered in time to order something.
  2. Edible Arrangement. The company that bears the name will deliver a beautiful arrangement composed of fruit. If you choose certain arrangements, you can have chocolate dipped fruit (strawberries, bananas, etc…) or hunks of chocolate on skewers added to the arrangements. www.ediblearrangements.com
  3. Luv’s Brownies. I add this one because it belongs to a friend out in my beloved San Jose, CA. Aundrea Lacey is the owner and founder of Luv’s brownies (www.luvsbrownies.com) and has taken brownies to another level. You can order brownie cakes, brownies in coffee mugs, she’s written a book…If it’s brownies your love likes, they will love Luv’s Brownies.
  4. Candy. Believe it or not, candy (namely chocolate) is still an all time favorite for Valentine’s Day. No longer is it just Lammes or Russell Stover’s. If you go to Candygram.com, you can order a wide range of candy items and have them shipped directly to your honey. Won’t that be a nice little “pick me up” to their day at the office??
  5. Massage. Okay, this is if you want to spend a little change. Now if you’re feeling the love, you’ll arrange to have a local massage therapist come out to your home and give your honey a relaxing massage. But if you’re like me, no one is allowed to be massaged in my home without me! Solution, order a couple’s massage. It’s really great. 2 massage therapists arrive at your home, will bring their tables and you and your honey can be massaged at the same time. If that’s too pricey, you can still have the massage therapist do you both in tandem. In any event, it’s sure to please!!
  6. Pajamagram. My husband ordered me one of these a couple of years ago, I think for my birthday and I got a real kick out of it. Pajamagram.com has a whole catalogue of pajamas that you can order and they will ship them in the cutest boxes, sometimes with cute little accessories and all. Wouldn’t your honey look cute in a pair of boxers??? You may not be able to “touch” but hey, a little eye candy never hurt anyone!
  7. Personal Chef Services. There’s nothing like a really good home cooked meal. Now that you are on bed rest, you can’t give your honey that special “luvin’ from the oven!” But a personal chef can do that and more. After a consultation (and this can be done over the phone!) the chef will go grocery shopping, arrive at your home with their own cutlery and cookware, cook a sumptuous dinner and prepare it for service. Many personal chefs will also bring table cloths, china, flatware, candles….Check in the catering sections of your local listing to see if there are personal chefs in your area and see what types of services they offer.  Bon Appetit!
  8. Portrait Photography. If this is your first baby, this will be the last time you and your partner will be a “duo” for many years to come. Why not capture the moment? There are many photographers that specialize in  pregnancy photography, of if you prefer, you can do something a bit more formal of you and your partner. If your children are anything like mine, they’ll enjoy looking at such photos of themselves in “mama’s tummy.”
  9. Write love letters to one another. With all of the hoopla surrounding your pregnancy and ensuing bed rest, it’s easy to forget that it was love that brought you to this very moment in time.  Take a moment to remember those things that made you fall in love with your partner; a smile, a laugh, special times spent together. Write them all down in a keepsake letter. Choose beautiful paper and perhaps a spritz of your favorite perfume or oil. It’s guaranteed to be something they’ll cherish.

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