Mamas, The Decision is Yours!

February 19th, 2010

Mamas on bed rest may feel that much about their pregnancy is out of their control. But despite being high risk, decisions about your health care and the care of your baby are ultimately still yours! Be sure to fully understand your condition, treatments being proposed and most important of all do your own home work before giving your consent to any treatment or procedure.

2 responses to “Mamas, The Decision is Yours!”

  1. Nancy Thompson says:

    I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your podcast, “Mamas, The Decision is Yours”. Prior to listening to this podcast, I was like most moms and thought that if the Dr. or nurse prescribed it, or said it, it must be what I need to do to assure the safety of my baby. I have been on bedrest for about 9 weeks and for the most part, I did everything that the doctors and nurses had told me to do. Upon my release of my hospital bedrest, I was diagnosed with Gestastional Diabetes. I had four different professionals come in to explain what I needed to do once I was home, two of them had contradicted the other. My OB doctor was leaving the country for two weeks and indicated that all though I should be concerned about GD, I need to be more focused on resting and keeping the baby inside (I have an incompentent cervix). My first week at home, testing my blood sugar numbers, deciding what I can and cannot eat, was a huge learning experience for me and very hard to stick to 100%, so my blood sugar numbers were high. I had an appointment that following Monday, with one of the conflicting nurses and she saw my blood sugar numbers and immediately said that I needed to go on Diabetes medication. I was a little apprehensive about taking any medications without first discussing it with my doctor, so I told her that I would continue to monitor my blood sugars until my doctor returned, but would not take any medications until I spoke with my doctor. This did not set well with her. She indicated that if I didn’t go on the medication, then I would need to start on insulin right away. I told her a second time, that I wanted to wait. Upon my doctor’s return, I managed to bring my blood sugar numbers down and had showed my progress to him. With all of the tests that were run (an ultrasound, keytones, my blood pressure and the baby’s heartrate and size) during his absence, he did not see any reason for me to go on medication at this time. Having the whole, “My Way or the Highway” mindset, the nurse had again indicated that my numbers were high and that I needed to go on medication right away. I am no longer dealing with this nurse thanks to your podcast. Your podcast gave me the knowledge to look into things a little bit deeper before accepting them and I am glad that I did, because I had gotten some literature from another Diabetes center and found out that some Diabetes medications are harmful to the baby. With this podcast, I was able to stand up for my beliefs and not back down. Thank you on behalf of myself, my family and my unborn child!

    Nancy Thompson

  2. Darline says:

    I am so glad that you were able to manage your GD yourself! You are a very wise woman and it just further proves my point that if we give women direction, information and support when they have high risk pregnancies, they will partner with their providers and do what is necessary-often without a whole lot of intervention.


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