Mamas on Bedrest: Answer 6 Questions to Make Bed Rest Better

April 2nd, 2010

Mamas on Bedrest I need your help. Click on this link and answer the 6 survey questions posted there by April 30, 2010.

If you have been following my blog, looking at my website or following me on twitter, then you know that a large focus of what I do via Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond is advocacy for high risk pregnant women. When I was pregnant with my children, there were few if any resources available for high risk pregnant women, especially for those women who may be on bed rest at home. I started Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond to change that. What has started out as a way to provide support and resources locally to high risk pregnant women, is now becoming a national initiative.

A few posts back I talked about the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS) and their annual meeting which I attended. That meeting has taken Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond to another level. I asked several of the leaders in maternity and birth services who were at the meeting what was being done to improve maternity services for high risk pregnant women. They replied that while they are currently focusing on improving maternity services for uncomplicated pregnancies and advocating for the midwifery model of care, their goal is to transform maternity care for all women.

So Mamas, we are on the crest of change but the advocating leaders need our help. Please go to and complete the simple 6 question survey by April 30, 2010. I will share your responses with those advocating to improve maternity services and make your needs known. Act now. We can have our concerns addressed but not if we don’t take the time to make these needs known.

Please share this blog post with any high risk pregnant woman, especially a mama on bedrest,  that you know. Tell them to go to and fill out the survey. We can make bed rest better, but only if we lift our voices and make our needs and concerns know.

Thank you!

Darline Turner-Lee, Owner and Founder of Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond

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