Mamas on Bedrest: Baby Stay Asleep Demo

April 14th, 2011

Since interviewing Beth Jackson-Gagne, creator of the Baby Stay Asleep infant sleep system in a recent podcast and posting an accompanying blog, I realized that I  had no hands on knowledge of the product. So Beth graciously provided me with a demo product. Here is a live, unpracticed, unedited demonstration of the Baby Stay Asleep Infant Sleep System.

2 responses to “Mamas on Bedrest: Baby Stay Asleep Demo”

  1. Beth says:

    Hi Darline – Thanks for the wonderful video! Just to follow up, the material is organic cotton and the bumpers are filled with cotton batting – so no toxins! Thanks again! Beth

  2. Darline says:

    There you have it, folks, the Baby Stay Asleep is all organic, no toxins! Sounds like a great product for little ones (and the parents who love them)! Thanks Beth!

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