Mamas on Bedrest: Congratulations Cora and Welcome Ravi!

July 24th, 2011

After 11 weeks on bed rest (8 of which were strict) and 30 hours of labor Cora Jeyadame gave birth to her son Ravi Ixtel Jeyadame at 39 weeks and 3 days on July 16, 2011. Cora is my parent’s next door neighbor. I met her while I was  home visiting for the summer.

For Cora, the road to motherhood was not an easy one. Cora has a long history of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCO) and seldom ovulated. When she and her partner Suriya married last August, she immediately started taking Lupron in order to stimulate ovulation. While on her honeymoon, she and Suriya prayed to the Mexican fertility goddess Ixtel so Cora would ovulate and promised that if she became pregnant on her first attempt she would name her child after the goddess. Cora ovulated for the first time the day after praying to this goddess and became pregnant on her first insemination in October.

Unfortunately, Cora’s joy was short-lived. She had significant morning sickness through her first trimester. She developed Gestational Diabetes and low blood pressure complicated by fainting during her second trimester. Additionally, an abnormal heart beat was detected and she had to wear a holter monitor for a month. At 26 weeks she began experiencing preterm labor. However, because of her heart problems, her obstetrician was very cautious using drugs to halt labor. At 28 weeks she was placed on modified bed rest which meant that Cora, a first grade teacher, reduced her work schedule to 3 days a week. When the episodes of preterm labor intensified, she went on full bed rest at 32 weeks.

“The decision to go on bedrest was really hard,” Cora says. “My OB left the decision totally up to me and as a teacher, it was really hard for me to leave the classroom. But the thought of having my baby early was frightening. I knew all of the problems that he could have and that terrified me. So I opted to do all that I could and went on bed rest.”

“Bedrest is so much more difficult than I could have ever anticipated” Cora adds. “I was very lonely and although I thought I would stay at home and finish the nursery, read books and prepare, I found that I wasn’t physically able to do anything to prepare. My attention span was really short so I found that I didn’t want to read and spent much of my time watching reality TV shows. My saving grace was the Bedrest forum on Having those other women on bed rest to correspond with really kept me sane.”

Cora was really lucky because she had a lot of help and support.” My partner Suriya is extremely supportive and my parents live close by so my mother came by often and ran errands and did the grocery shopping.” Cora and Suriya already had a housekeeper and dog walker and hired a helper to do other jobs around the house such as tend their garden.

“It’s impossible to do this without support. I never would have made it without all these people”. (Cora also had a labor doula.)

At approximately 35 weeks, Cora developed Pubic Symphysis diastasis. While it is common for the pubic bone to begin to relax in preparation for labor and delivery, in some women, the relaxation becomes a more pronounced, painful separation. Because she was so uncomfortable, Cora was prescribed oxycodone for the pain and crutches for her limited ambulation.

In the end, Cora had to be induced at 39 weeks and 1 day. Ravi was born after 30 hrs of labor at 7lbs 6 oz and 19 inches long, a perfectly healthy baby boy.

“I loved being pregnant,” says Cora. “I loved that feeling of having life inside of me.”

Admittedly, Cora didn’t like all the complications and probably won’t have any other pregnancies. But she is very glad to have had this incredible experience.

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