Mamas on Bedrest: Get Your Groceries Now!

July 27th, 2011

Being benched by bed rest is maddening. So many of the daily activities that we complain about are suddenly out of our realm of ability. Who would have guessed that mamas would miss running to the post office, picking up dry cleaning or going to the grocery store?

It’s not so much that mamas miss these mundane trips. The fact of the matter is that being on bed rest is boring, isolating and can at times become mind numbing. Day after day one waits in bed and each day that passes serves as a marker of success.

But there are ways to pass the time and acccomplish some of those routine activities of daily living. Recently I was perusing the web for a client and found a plethora of online grocery delivery services.  While home grocery delivery is nothing new, it did kind of fall out of favor for a while. Now with the uptick in two career families, it is once again in vogue.

However, career couples are not the only ones who can benefit from Grocery delivery services. Mamas on bed rest can now grocery shop from the comfort of their beds! A quick online search revealed that all 50 states and Washington DC offer delivery service. Additionally, for our Canadian mamas, you too can order your groceries online and have them delivered to your home.

While listing each and every delivery service would make this blog post insanely too long, I am listing some of the more popular vendors here. – Delivers fully prepared meals to your home. They simply need to be heated/cooked.


Safeway Brands

MexGrocer – Home delivery of Mexican Food products

Of course these are just a few of many vendors that delivery groceries to your home. A couple of the vendors even offer delivery within one hour of receiving your order! There are also a myriad of coupons and discounts available for regular customers and special services for customers with special needs.

To find a grocery delivery service in your area, in the United States visit For grocery stores that deliver in elsewhere, visit or

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