Mamas on Bedrest: Lessons from the Casey Anthony Tragedy

July 11th, 2011

As I have previously written, Dr. Linda Burke-Galloway, an OB/GYN, author, speaker and Medical Malpractice examiner in Florida is one of my idols and unbeknownst to her, one of my mentors. When there is breaking news or pertinent information divulged in obstetrics and in the high risk pregnancy  in particular, I look to Dr. Linda for her sage wisdom and perspective.

In her latest blog post, Dr. Linda offers Lessons for Casey Anthony, Dr Linda provides some food for thought for all of us as well as Casey Anthony.

  1. Casey Anthony is young and presumeably fertile, and will likely get pregnant again. 
  2. Does Casey Anthony want other children? If not, what is she going to do to prevent pregnancy? Has she even given any thought to this and what she will do if she becomes pregnant again?
  3. How are those around Casey going to react if she does have other childen and what protection can be afforded to those children without encroaching on Casey Anthony’s personal rights?

This tragic case has brought so many issues to light. Mamas on Bedrest, we mamas who have had to struggle and fight to have the children that we have, cannot imagine harming these precious jewels that we’ve fought so ferverently to have.  

But as Dr. Linda reminds us and as I personally have experienced on many occasions, children can push buttons you weren’t even aware that you had. Motherhood can be the most exhilerating, frustrating, taxing, alienating, all encompassing and isolating experience-sometimes all at once. Because motherhood is all this and so much more, I implore you, as Dr Linda implores Casey Anthony, to get help, assistance and guidance.

  • As we have said, motherhood will stretch you in ways you never even imagined. Make sure that you have a support system
  • Join a mom’s group. Being around other mothers and sharing stories will help you realize that your situation is not so extraordinary afterall. Additionally, other mamas can help you with coping strategies and to reframe how you do things to help alleviate stress and strain.
  • Know your limits. While our society often seems to dictate the “right” number of children, there is no shame in having one or fifty children. The number of children you have is purely your  (and your partner’s) decision and needs to be made based on your ability to sustain your family, your physical status and your mutual desires for your family.
  • Take care of youself first and foremost. As I always say, you can’t give anyone a drink from an empty cup! Make sure you are getting adequate rest, nutrition. exercise and stress release as necessary. In this way you can do what is best not only for yourself but also for your child.

Always remember that there is help out there. While Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond focuses first and foremost on the needs of high risk pregnant women on bed rest, our ultimate goal is to help mamas have all the tools and resources that they need to have a healthy and safe pregnancy, labor and delivery, a healthy baby and a smooth transition to motherhood. If you have questions or need support, contact us, We’re here to help.

Finally, we are gearing up for fall with a new series of workshops and seminars for Mamas on Bedrest. We’d love to hear from YOU! What topics would you like us to cover? Which topics would you like to speak about with other mamas? That’s right, our workshops are interactive so you’ll be able to chat with the other participants in realtime on line! Submit your comments and suggestions  below.

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