Mamas on Bedrest: What Freedoms Do You Desire?

July 3rd, 2011

My friend Maddy wrote an awesome blog post in honor of The 4th of July. She posed this question,

“What do you want independence from? Or I really prefer to ask… what kind of FREEDOM do you desire?”

She then proceeded to list her desires for herself, her family and her ife.

I pondered her question and posted my desires in the comments to the post. This is what I desire for myself and my family:

  • I want to live where ever I want in the world.
  • I desire to create a warm, comforting home for my family and a haven for loved ones to visit and to always be welcome.
  • I desire to do work that I love, to create a career that not only satisfies my intellecutal needs but also provides financial stability, abundance, independence and freedom so that I can support myself and my children comfortably.
  • I desire to choose healthy, nutrient dense foods, healthful supplements and integrative health care to maintain a healthy, strong body.
  • I desire to engage in regular, health enhancing exercise such as cycling, NIA dance, yoga and strength training.
  • Finally, and most importantly to me, I desire the freedom to love with reckless abandon, wholeheartedly and  free from judgement.

What do other mamas, mamas on bedrest in particular, desire for themselves, their families and specifically for their yet to be born babies?

If you have never considered your deepest heart’s desires, I encourage you to take some time and do so now. What do you want for yourself?  What is your vision for your life? What do you want for your baby? Start a desire journal and write your desires down. Writing down your desires helps to speed them to you. So don’t delay.

Please share your desires in the comments section below.

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