Certified Miracles: Guaranteeing Baby Products and Services for Mamas on Bedrest.

September 2nd, 2011

Hey Mamas! Knowing that many of you are at home, trolling the web for ideas, inspiration and baby gear, I thought that you should know about Certified Miracles.

Miracle Industries™ LLC created Certified Miracles, which is a review organization that was started to be able to recommend the best, safest, most useful baby and children’s products to parents. The organization has created a group of parents and experts who review products for safety, efficacy, durability and for whether or not the product lives up the the marketing put out about it. They also review the products’ manufacturers, checking to see customer service policies and whether or not manufacturers are fair and reliable businesses. Companies and products that meet their rigorous standards are then awarded a “Certified Miracle Seal” which the company may proudly display on their products, websites and company marketing information.

Now many of you, as I was, may be asking, “So what makes this company a reliable resource and why should I trust what they say about products?” It’s a great question and here is the story:

“The company was started by Michael Gatten, a concerned father of three young children, one of which was a sleepless, colicky baby.  He knew immediately he was on to something big when he wrapped his previously inconsolable son up in his then hand-stitched swaddling creation.  Founded in 2002, Miracle Industries™ flagship product Miracle Blanket® has gone on to become an international sensation comforting well over a million babies and parents alike into a peaceful nights rest.   Miracle Blanket’s unique patented design has won countless awards, been written about by hundreds of newspapers and television news shows, lauded as the “Cadillac” of swaddlers, hailed as  a “Nobel Peace Prize” worthy product and said to be “as necessary as diapers”.  In fact, the name Miracle Blanket, while seemingly lofty to some, was actually coined – and insisted upon – by several of its earliest customers and product testers.”

The mission and vision of Miracle Industries™ is:

It’s our mission to significantly improve the quality of parenthood by becoming the world’s preeminent parent-centric awards program ever created. With integrity at the very core of all we do, we are dedicated to hand-picking and exalting only the latest, greatest, innovative products on the market through an honest, stringent, credible and objective evaluation process that is not based on money being paid for evaluation or the use of the seal once approved.

The Certified Miracle® Seal is priceless. Unlike others, it can’t be bought. And to keep the seal, all products must remain “above the bar”. Through our collaborative process, it’s the customer that will ultimately decide.

While there are but a few products to date that have earned the Certified Miracle Seal, it is up to parents to notify organizations like Miracle Industries™ about products we love and even more importantly, products that were terrible-not at all as they were marketed to be- and companies that accepted responsibility or those that tried to make it seem like your situation was an anomaly and the problem is your fault.

I invite you to take a look at the Certified Miracle Seal website and decide for yourself. To me, it seems like a good resource (not the only one, but a good place to start) for checking out products and services that  you are going to be using anyway.  And since you can’t do it yourself, why not let someone else do some evaluation legwork for you?

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