Mamas on Bedrest: Reverse the Effects of Bedrest Now!

September 12th, 2011

I just love validation. Scientists have found that in otherwise healthy and exercising individuals, just 9 days of bed rest resulted in insulin resistance and altered more than 4,500 genes within skeletal muscle. And while the study was done on healthy young men, the results are easily extrapolated onto women, especially women placed on prescribed bed rest during their pregnancies. Ladies, let’s get moving and reverse the effects of bed rest-now!

So just what is insulin resistance? Insulin resistance occurs when the insulin our bodies produces is no long able to effectively bring insulin into our cells or energy. As a result, our blood sugar levels go up and we become what some people call “pre-diabetic”. This insulin resistance is also a precursor to Metabolic Syndrome, a syndrome in which we develop central obesity and any two of the following symptoms:

  • Elevated Triglycerides >150 mg/dL
  • Low HDL (Good Cholesterol) <40 mg/dL in men, <50mg/dL in women
  • Elevated Blood Pressure: SBP (top number) >130 or DBP (lower number) >85 mmHg
  • Elevated Fasting Blood Sugar >100mg/dL
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) >30kg/m2

Now many may argue that this is not the case with pregnant women. They may be “fat” around their waists but have a human growing inside of them! I agree. However, a woman who develops insulin resistance during her pregnancy may well maintain insulin resistance after the pregnancy. According to researchers, even after the young men began exercising again, 4 weeks after their sedentary stint, the changes to their insulin sensitivity and gene expression were only partially normalized. The authors of the study concluded,

“The Lack of complete normalization of changes after four weeks of exercise retraining underscores the importance of maintaining a minimum of daily physical exercise.”

Now many Mamas on Bedrest may be saying to yourself, “That’s all well and good, but I can’t increase my daily exercise. I can’t park further from the store and walk or take the stairs. “

Don’t fret, we have a solution, at least a partial solution for you. We have taken our best selling Bedrest Fitness DVD and made it a live class! You can see a few samples of Bedrest Fitness on our Youtube Channel. However, we are offering a free demo Bedrest Fitness class on September 28, 2011 at 9:15 am CT. This class will broadcast live from your computer. I’ll see you and you’ll see me! All you’ll need is an internet connection, a webcam and the login information. If you are interested, send an e-mail to and I’ll send you the login information. Join in and try it out. You’ll be doing your body a HUGE service!

I’m so looking forward to seeing you all! Let’s get started reversing the effects of bed rest now!

I want to hear from you! What do you think about being on bed rest and the changes your body is going through? What are your specific concerns and how can I help you? Tell me here in the comment sections.

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