Mo’ Money for Mamas on Bedrest!

September 16th, 2011

Mamas on Bedrest, Do you need more money??

Yeah, I thought I’d get your attention with that. Bed rest is seldom in anyone’s plans, so when it comes to pass, mamas and papas usually aren’t prepared-physically, emotionally or financially. Some mamas are lucky enough to have jobs that provide some paid maternity leave. Others receive some disability benefits. Sadly, many mamas face the prospect of being without their income for the duration of their bed rest experience along with any necessary post partum recuperation, and some mamas even lose their jobs because of their prolonged absence.

But this is a happy post. Happy because I am happy to share with you 2 potential ways for Mamas on Bedrest to have “Mo’ Money!”

Charity Voice Online

Looking to make extra money?

Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond has partnered with Charity Voice Online, a consumer research panel that has been conducting research for leading corporations worldwide for 10+years and is a trusted name in the market research world.

It’s easy to participate. You can join to participate in online surveys to earn rewards for you and/or a designated charity. Just fill out basic demographic information so that you can be matched with available surveys. Tell Charity Voice how often you want to be invited when you sign up or you can log in to your personal dashboard at any time where other available surveys will be waiting for you. You will receive $5 just for joining. Each time you qualify and complete a survey you will receive a cash incentive credited towards your account (If invited via a charity – your charity will receive a donation as well). If you join on your own you can keep the incentive or donate once you hit your threshold of $25. It’s a great way to support the many not-for-profit organizations that assist us in our local and global communities. (Note: Although Mamas on Bedrest and Beyond is not a charitable organization, when you join Charity Voices from this website, we will receive 30% of the survey fee which will be used to continue to bring Mamas on Bedrest the best information, support and resources.)

By signing up as a Charity Voice Online Panel member, you’ll be invited via email to participate in paid online surveys. These surveys ask you to share your honest thoughts and opinions on a range of consumer goods and services. This information is then used to help improve products and services, the way they are delivered or to even add a new product or service to the growing consumer market. All in all, it means greater choice and better products and services that will closer meet consumer desires. By completing a survey you can help to earn charitable donations as well as earn rewards for yourself.  Each survey is just a few questions and payments range from $1 on up. Once you reach $25 in payments, you will receive payout from PayPal. You also have the option to donate the money you’ve made to your favorite charity.

It’s easy to join, simply visit click this link and enter your demographic information. There is no cost to join and you’ll immediately earn $5 simply for signing up. And rest assured, you private information will never be shared with any third parties.

Free Stuff for Baby!

Our next partner is Free Stuff for Baby. This website is an extension of the book, Free Stuff for Baby! written by mama Sue Hannah. When Sue found out that she was having twins 8 years ago (in addition to a toddler she already had!), she searched for ways to help finance her growing family. Her research led to extensive information on corporate giveaways on everything from diapers to baby food and more! Sue shares all her knowledge in the book. By her own words,

Free Stuff For Baby Offers Valuable Free Baby Stuff From Well-Known Companies including: Pampers, Huggies, Similac, Gerber, Earth’s Best, Enfamil, and many more. You can sign up for as many of these free offers as you like. Be sure to bookmark these websites! These companies offer some terrific free baby offers that you definitely won’t want to miss out on.

It’s easy to join and begin reaping the benefits of free baby stuff. Simply go to the website and sign up. From there, you’ll receive information on how you can receive free baby stuff!

Calling All Expectant Mamas!!

Socialmoms is an online community of moms from all walks of life. They currently have opportunities for expecting mamas to comment on their blogs for compensation. Socialmoms allows mamas to earn points which they can use towards purchases on, Paypal and other with other merchants. To learn more visit the ExpectingMoms page on Social

We are in talks with more companies who want to work with and support Mamas on Bedrest. We need to hear from you! What are you interested in? What products or services would you like to know more about or have an opportunity to test/try? Send us an e-mail at We are being actively solicited for your input.  Companies want to hear from you and are willing to offer compensation and/or donate products!

Share the word about this with other Mamas on Bedrest! “Like us” and share your experiences on our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter, @mamasonbedrest.

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