Mamas on Bedrest: Saving the World, One Mama (and Baby) at a Time!

October 12th, 2011

I love what I do!

A few weeks ago I had a mama contact me because she had been admitted to the hospital with contractions and placed on bed rest at 24 weeks. After testing and stabilization the hospital wanted to send her home. She was too afraid to go home because she lives over an hour away. More importantly, she has a significant history of preterm labor. She delivered her now toddler early at 23 weeks. She also suffered the death of her first child who had also been born too soon and who died after 1 hour of life.

When this mama first contacted me, we began brainstorming on ways to communicate her situation to those in the decision making positions. In the middle of our discussion, I realized that we had a potential ally in Dr. Linda Burke Galloway. Dr. Linda is a high risk OB/GYN in FL, where my patient was. A few quick correspondences and we had much needed contact information my client could use to plead her case. Thankfully, it did not come to that because the physician that subsequently assumed her care made the firm decision to keep her in the hospital until at least 28 weeks and to then re-evaluate.

I can’t lie, some days it looks pretty grim. I write a blog post that no one reads (or so it seems). I’ll begin working with a mama and then she drops off. Some days, it’s like the scenario above, a mama and I are fighting and struggling to help her get the help and support that she not only needs, but deserves. Some days it feels like I’m wasting my time.

Then I’m able to help a mama. I’m able to call contacts and resources and get her the help and support that she needs. She gets what she needs, she relaxes, her baby relaxes. All is well. Each time I hear back from one of “my mamas” or I get a picture of a beautiful baby in an e-mail or read, “my friend said I had to talk to you. Can you help me?” It all comes flooding back.That urge, that drive to do all that I can to help one mama and one baby not only survive but thrive.

We’re saving the world, one mama (and baby) at a time. I am not congress, I can’t make sweeping decisions that will impact an entire country and often the world. I’m not even a hospital or medical group. I’m a mama of 2 here on earth and 2 souls up in heaven who loves other mamas and wants to do everything she can to help mamas have healthy happy babies. So me and my little network of mamas (KeepEmCookin, BabyStayAsleep, InteriorFitness,, BetterBedrest, Darlene MacAuleyDr. Linda Burke Galloway, Heidi Murkoff, Knit Outta The Box, Dr Diane Sanford, Post Partum Progress, My Post Partum Voice, Preparing 4 Birth, Dr. Mimi Poinsett and so many more) just keep on keepin’ on. These are the women, the mamas, that I go to when I need to get something done because these mamas know how to get it done! Together we work and  share ideas and information. Together we are changing the way mamas are treated and how babies come into this world and grow. We are saving the world, one mama (and baby) at a time!

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