Mamas on Bedrest: They Tamed My Inner Chihuahua

October 3rd, 2011

In this podcast, Bedrest Coach Darline Turner-Lee shares her recent experience in communicating with the film makers of One World Birth. After watching the promotional trailers, Darline Turner-Lee had what she describes as  an “unleashing of her inner chihuahua”. Feeling that women of color and high risk pregnant women were not represented, she sent off an e-mail to the film makers voicing her concerns. What started out as an irritated e-mail to the film makers has resulted in insight into the One World Birth project, an ongoing dialogue with the film makers and a potential opportunity for Darline Turner-Lee to speak on behalf of Mamas on Bedrest in the United States. Mamas on Bedrest, Share you concerns below or at You can also speak with the film makers directly.

Read Darline’s blog post on One World Birth here.

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