Mamas on Bedrest: What Do You Expect?

October 31st, 2011

Mamas, what do you expect? I know that many of you are on bedrest, so it’s safe to say that you are expecting to have a healthy baby. But what are you expecting beyond that?

I have been pondering this question a lot lately as I have met with a few minor parenting challenges. (Listen to podcasts on raising compassion in my son.) When I was pregnant with both of my children, I often wondered what they’d look like, what types of personalities they’d have and when people asked me what I wanted, I always answered with the oh so politically correct, “I just want a healthy baby”.

What a load of crap! I want so much more for my children. It’s only now that they are school aged and going out into the world that I realize this and have begun to really contemplate what I want for them.

As I stated in the podcasts, I want for my son and daughter to be compassionate people. No, I don’t want them to be gullible or to bring home every stray. But I want them to be compassionate towards their classmates, their teammates and other people with whom they live, work and play. I have been so proud of my daughter who has a little friend who has Down’s Syndrome. She said to me one day,

“Yeah, Claire has Down’s Syndrome so somethings are hard for her. But we (She and another friend) don’t mention it because we don’t want her to feel badly. Besides, we like her just like she is.”

Moments like that make me stand back and go, “Yes!”

I want my children to be critical thinkers. There is so much flotsom and jetsom in our world these days. Mass media has gone overboard in my opinion when it comes to “reality” entertainment. I don’t think that I need to know ever little facet of Kim Kardashian’s life, yet there it is for the world to see. I have noticed my daughter reading the magazines at check out lines and I asked her, “What do you think of that?”

“Well, I don’t think it’s so bad,” she began. “But I wouldn’t want to end up like that.”


I am proud to say that my children care about their world. No two little people “remind” their parents more about recycling then those two. And it was heartening to see them so appalled and motivated to buy shoes for children in Africa as part of my church’s program, Shoes for Orphaned Souls. They just couldn’t believe that children their age had no shoes. They were shocked that their parents didn’t have the means to buy shoes and were insistent that we buy a pair of shoes for a boy and a girl to donate.

I love that my children love learning. They both love books. They love to run and play outside. They both love music. My son seems to love to cook. My daughter loves to draw. And most of all, they still believe that anything that they want to do is well within their grasp. That by far is one of the things that I cherish most.

These attributes of my children are all things that I am so pleased that they possess, but I have to say, I in no way planned for them or even contemplated them while I was pregnant. I believe that pregnancy is a golden opportunity-whether on bed rest or not-to begin planning the lessons and customs that you want to impart to your children. What family legacies do you want to pass on? Which ones do you want to break? While your children will come here to this realm with gifts, talents and a divinely inspired plan for their lives, I still believe that we as parents can also instill in them some wisdom, some expectations and some attributes that we hold dear and hope that they will adopt.

So Mamas on Bedrest, What do you Expect?

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