Mamas on Bedrest: On or Off of Them, Take Good Care of Your Feet

February 24th, 2012

At times when I was pregnant, mostly near the end, my feet just ached.

Foot pain during pregnancy isn’t uncommon. The added weight of the pregnancy, the shifts in your stature to accommodate the added weight, swelling and the heaping dose of Relaxin softening your ligaments and tendons in preparation for labor and delivery all contribute to your feet taking on a lot of added stress.  I, like so many women, found myself unable to wear many of my shoes during my pregnancy and by the end of each one, was wearing slide sandles, bedroom slippers (at home only!!) and fitness shoes. Foot care is really important and if you don’t adequately support your feet during pregnancy, you can be setting yourself up for some major foot, leg, hip and back problems down the road.

Many women try to get away with wearing the same shoes they wore before they got pregnant. This really isn’t wise. Our shoes adjust and mold to our feet offering support at particular pressure points. Once you get pregnant, the pressure points shift and the shoes that were so comfortable and supportive pre-pregnancy are no longer so comfortable-and they certainly don’t support your pregnant foot. While some OB’s recommend wearing special support shoes during pregnancy, it’s been my experience that getting a couple of pairs of well fitting and well supporting shoes is sufficient.  The shoes should offer very good sole support, including some cushion, heel and arch support and generous room in the toe box. A well fitting shoe will go a long way to not only protecting your feet, but also preventing aches in the feet, legs, hips and low back.

You don’t have to necessarily buy flat shoes but shoes that are comfortable for you and ease the stress of the baby bump on your lower back.  Many pregnant women develop swelling in their feet, so you might want to get a bigger size to feel comfortable. While I don’t advocate breaking the bank on “orthopedic” shoes, this isn’t the time to skimp. Try to find a well fitting show in your price range.

Flat shoes are not a must. A pair of shoes with smaller heels (no more than about 2 inchese) with a wider toe box to prevent circulatory problems and varicose veins are best.  Make sure that you choose high quality shoes, crafted from quality materials,  as you don’t want your feet to feel too cold or too hot or developing blisters or sores. If you want and are able to wear boots, make sure that they too are made from quality materials and are not too tight. UGG boots can be perfect for a pregnant woman as they are extremely comfortable and  keep your feet warm. A word of caution: Feet being too hot are just as detrimental as feet being too cold. Hot sweaty feet can lead to blisters and fungal infections. Cold feet can lead to poor circulation and vascular (blood vessel) issues.

When I was looking for shoes, I simply went  to the mall and found what I needed. But if you need something more specific, there are a number of  online maternity clothes stores that will be able to meet your needs. Many of these stores have coupons and special offers, so shop around and see what types of deals you can get.

Don’t neglect your feet while you are pregnant, even if you are on bedrest. Foot care is an important component of prenatal care.  If not adequately attended to, improper foot care can lead to negative consequences  and significant foot problems that can persist for years after you have your wee one.

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