Mamas on Bedrest: Updated Vaccine Schedules and What You Need to Know

February 6th, 2012

Whether or not to vaccinate their children is a heated issue for many parents.  Many parents struggle because they don’t have adequate information with which to make their decisions.  Board certified pediatricians typically recommend that all children be vaccinated. Some naturopaths and alternative practitioners advise against vaccinating infants but may advise vaccination of older children. Some practitioners discourage parents from vaccinating their children at all, citing that vaccinations cause autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders (this citation is still controversial and we here at Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond have yet to find definitive evidence that vaccinations cause autism or any other diseases in children. If you have references, we would be happy to post them for mamas to help them make informed decisions) .  How can parents know what is best?

We here at Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond are not here to tell you how to care for your children or yourself. Whether or not to take vaccinations should be a decision based on the latest information available. So here are links to the latest recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The links are divided into schedules for 0-6 years and 7-18 years.

Regardless of your opinions on vaccinations, we encourage you to at least read through the information, then speak with your health care providers, ask questions and then make your decisions.  Good Luck!!

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