A Simple Stretch for Mamas on Bedrest

March 14th, 2012

Every day I receive notes, e-mails and tweets from mamas who are on bed rest asking, “What can I do to keep my muscles toned and strong while on bed rest?” I highly recommend that mamas who really want to stay toned and strong purchase a copy of Bedrest Fitness. However, until they receive their copy of Bedrest Fitness, here is a simple stretch series that mamas can do to begin preserving their muscle strength and tone. It is simple enough that all mamas on bed rest can do it; from mamas on restricted activity (house arrest), to mamas on strict bed rest. All you need is an exercise band (one is included with the Bedrest Fitness DVD) and some comfortable pillows.

(Note: in this video, you’ll notice that my head is raised. This is NOT how you, a mama on bedrest, should do these exercises. I was speaking into the camera and giving directions and needed the microphone to pick up my voice. Please, please, please, mamas, sink back into the pillows!!!)

2 responses to “A Simple Stretch for Mamas on Bedrest”

  1. Keith says:

    Hi I got my wife to read your blog for mamas on bedrest. Thanks for that I know she is going to implement those excercises.

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