Mamas on Bedrest: Meet The Mahogany Way Birth Cafe

March 30th, 2012

In this podcast I have the pleasure of interviewing Darcel Harmon, owner, founder and blogger of The Mahogany Way Birth Cafe. Darcel is a mama passionate about all things birth! After a disappointing experience giving birth to her first child, Darcel made it a point to find alternatives for her subsequent pregnancies. Her research and her own experiences giving birth at home to her second and third children inspired Darcel to share her knowledge with other mamas, especially mamas of color, on The Mahogany Way Cafe.

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  1. Krystal says:

    I got this comment in from Marlene: First, being able to nurse immtaideely after birth, to a mom who does not have any drugs on board is the best start for a healthy nursing relationship. Having prolonged skin to skin contact helps too.Second, it is important to have mom and baby in close proximity, so that mom quickly learns to identify little signs of the growing urge to nurse, before the baby gets to the full blown crying stage. As many procedures as possible should be performed right there next to mom.Ideally, the baby should not be separated from the mom at all. When this is not possible, separations should be as short and far between as possible. No bottles or pacifiers should be given routinely. Only with medical necessity.Next, don’t be always looking over the mom’s shoulder to make sure she’s doing it right. This makes her nervous and less likely to have a let down. But do unobtrusively see that the baby is latched on right.Any traumatic deliveries, can get the bones of the head out of place, more than the normal molding allows. A Chiropractic adjustment may be needed to achieve optimal latch, esp. after a C/S, vag. breech, ventous or foreceps delivery, but even natural deliveries can sometimes be traumatic.I breastfed all my seven children, and have a 95% breastfeeding success rate for 6 months or longer among the women who’s births I attend following the midwifery model of care. Thanks for contributing to the discussion here at the Nursing Show.

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