Mamas on Bedrest: Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

April 30th, 2012

Mother’s Day is just 2 weeks away.

Sometimes mamas on bed rest feel a bit apprehensive about celebrating Mother’s Day. What if something happens and the outcome isn’t good? I had a friend for whom this was an issue. She had 2 miscarriages prior to becoming pregnant with her now oldest child. Her family refrained from throwing her a baby shower until she was ready to deliver to “make sure this was going to really happen this time.” I was appalled at their lack of sensitivity. A mama is a mama and even for those little souls that didn’t make it, my friend was and is their mama.

But enough negativity. You are a mama! It doesn’t matter if you are on bed rest. It doesn’t matter if this is your first or 5th pregnancy. If you have a baby in your belly you are a mama!

In your honor, I am happy to highlight some of the fabulous mama made products here on Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond’s website, some mama friendly websites and mama friendly services. If you know and love a mama on bed rest, consider pampering her with one of these fantastic mama friendly items or services. You’ll not only make your mama’s day, but you’ll also be supporting other mamas as well!


Hot Mama Gowns

Hot Mama Gowns are the “baby” of “Hot Mama” Deidrea. After the birth of her daughter in 2006, she was less than thrilled with the standard hospital garb. Determined to create gowns that would not only make mamas feel “hot”, but would also be extremely comfortable and sensible, Deidrea created “Hot Mama Gowns”. Created out of 100% cotton, all the gowns come in beautiful colors and prints, allow easy access for breastfeeding and most of all are really lovely! Click here if  you’d like to purchase a “Hot Mama Gown” for the Hot Mama in your life!

The Shower Hug

This is the one item that I wish I had had when I was pregnant and nursing my babies!! We mamas all know what it’s like when our breasts feel too heavy for our chests and we know how  a warm soothing shower can start our milk flowing. The Shower Hug is a soft Terry Cotton wrap that mamas can wear over their breasts for added support and comfort. If you are just lounging, the Shower Hug provides support and comfort. In the shower, if you do happen to have milk letdown, the shower hug provides added comfort. They come in a wide variety of sized. Click here to purchase and learn more.

Maternity Boutiques


This mama owned website provides natural pregnancy, maternity and baby products. They have everything from belly balms to belly supports, nursing tops and baby items and accessories. Tara, the owner has done a wonderful job assembling fine products, so if you are looking for something for a mama or mama to be, please consider purchasing from a mama!

Bedrest Butler

This is a new online boutique owned and operated by Mom and daughter duo Pamela Marie and Kelly. After Kelly spent 63 days on hospital bed rest with twins, she knew first hand how invaluable the love, support and gifts from family and friends were. To that end, Kelly and her mama Pamela Marie have created a wonderful online shop with a variety of wonderful gifts for mamas on bed rest.



Massages are an invaluable gift for any mama or mama to be-on bed rest or not! But for mamas on bed rest in particular, because they are not up and about, it’s important to maintain their circulation, lymph drainage and muscle stimulation. A full body massage from an experienced prenatal massage therapist can stimulate circulation and lymph drainage reducing venous stasis and edema (pooling of blood in the feet and lower legs and swelling in common lingo!), stimulate muscles, reduce aches and pains of pregnancy and ease tension and stress. Check your local listings for massage therapists in your areas. Many are portable and willing to do home visits!


When I was setting up this business, one thing that I wanted to be able to provide to Mamas here in Austin is in home Mani/pedis. However, I learned that because of issues of hygiene and sanitation, at least here in Texas, cosmetologists are not able to provide in home Mani/pedis. But those rules don’t hold true for friends! If you have a friend of family member who is on bed rest, offer to do her nails for her! Go to her house, soak her hands and feet, gently rub them with fragrant lotions and paint her nails for her. I guarantee that you’ll both have a wonderful time and you will have provided your friend with an invaluable experience of loving kindness.

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