Mamas on Bedrest: Take Your Baby to Work!

April 20th, 2012

More and more mamas are taking their babies to work thanks in part to the Parenting in the Workplace Institute.

The Parenting in the Workplace Institute was developed after founder Carla Moquin created Babies in the Workplace, a website dedicated to helping companies

“implement successful business programs in which parents can bring their babies to work and care for them while doing their jobs.”

Moquin, a psychologist, had been researching babies in the workplace since 2005. She launched the website in 2007. Since its inception, Babies in the Workplace has helped some 171 companies implement programs that allow parents to bring their babies to work and thus far, 2041 babies have been successfully brought to work.

So why is this program so important?

According to the Parenting in the Workplace Institute, bringing babies to work has these benefits:

  • Babies in the workplace tend to be mellow and highly content
  • In structured programs work environments include happy babies, parental closeness, social interaction and physical contact, highly responsive care and high rates of breastfeeding
  • Happy babies in the workplace lower stress and promote comraderie amongst coworkers

The benefits to companies/employers are:

  • Employees return to work earlier
  • Employees are more loyal and there are higher rates of employee retention
  • There is more teamwork and cooperation
  • Employers with the program attract more skilled employees
  • Increased morale and productivity
  • Lower health costs
  • Attract new customers and increase loyalty
  • Low implementation costs

This is such a win-win situation. It is amazing that more companies aren’t jumping on the bandwagon to implement such programs. Moquin and her staff have created a very easy to implement program and parents who are interested in presenting the program to their employers can visit the Parenting in the workplace website or better yet, the Babies in the Workplace website which has specific resources on how to approach your employer. The website also has details about how the programs work and how to implement them. Finally, there is the Working with kids blog that shows successful programs and babies in the workplace.

This is an amazing resource and mamas on bed rest, this may be the program you need if you decide to return to work outside the home. Take a look and be sure to share your comments and experiences with us here in our comments section!

2 responses to “Mamas on Bedrest: Take Your Baby to Work!”

  1. Emily says:

    Check out this great and FREE service I found for expecting or nursing mothers!
    The Texas Pregnancy Riskline Information Service will counsel and give you potential risks if your baby has had any toxic exposures! Check out their website:
    or call 1.800.733.4727

  2. Sarah says:

    Can’t wait to check these out. I grew up going to work with my parents & family (my mom cleaned houses & was the luch lady. My dad took us on cement finishing side jobs. My aunt took us to clean offices). I have done some work with my kids cleaning but had a hard time with having to stop to nurse the baby & foud some jobs are unwilling to change from their toxic chemicals to safer chemicals firmly self and my family. Working retail has also been impossible to bring kids. It stinks bc the corporate offices boast all these family-friendly benefits but the lower-paid employees who can’t send kids to daycare if they wanted, don’t even get breaks to pump breastmilk. Oops, started blabbering. Anyways, this is a nice list of resources. Can’t wait to share.

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