Mamas on Bedrest: What’s Your Wildest Bedrest Story???

April 5th, 2012

Mamas on Bedrest, Share with us your wildest bedrest stories! We want to hear it all-the quirky, the zany, the inspirational, the rare or unique experience! Your stories help other mamas on bedrest know that what they are going through is “normal” (whatever that is) and often gives them hope when they are feeling hopeless and just the tool they need to make it one more day!

What’s in it for you?? How about a free book? Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond has the great fortune to receive many books for review. Sometimes, communications get garbled and we receive more than one copy. So while we may write in and put comments on one copy, there is often another copy sitting here in our offices.

So here’s the deal. Share you bedrest stories with us (and veteran mamas, we really want your stories, too!!). For the first 10 mamas who share their stories, we’ll gift you a book about pregnancy or newborn care, parenting or healthy living. Share your stories in the comments section below.

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