Mamas on Bedrest: Explore Your Work Options

May 8th, 2012

I find that information presents itself in cycles and currently information on paid leave and work life balance have be flowing across my desk.  I had a wonderful interview with Jenya Cassidy, a union worker who was involved in getting paid leave laws passed in California.  For mamas with their new little ones struggling with the decision to stay at home or return to work there actually is a third option-taking your baby to work. Parenting in the Workplace Institute is an organization that helps parents and employers develop and implement workplace practices and policies so that mamas and dads can bring their infants to work. Founder Carla Moquin was kind enough to share an hour of her time educating us about the benefits of bringing babies to work for babies, mamas, coworkers and companies. Hear our interview with Cara here.

As it happens, after interviewing Carla she mentioned another great resource called (Click here to visit WorkOptions) Founded by Pat Katepoo, work options advisor and work-life consultant, Pat has crafted 4 proposal packages that show folks step by step how to create the work situations they desire. The 4 proposal packages are:

  1. Telecommuting
  2. Part Time
  3. Compressed Work Week
  4. Job Sharing.

If you are interested in any of these work situations, you simply purchase the proposal templates and fill them in with your information. Pat also offers coaching and help with preparation of the proposals.

The WorkOptions website has a plethora of information on how to propose an alternative work schedule or environment and even coaching around getting up the nerve to approach your boss. It really is a comprehensive website! But what is probably most relevant to Mamas on Bedrest is Pat’s article entitled “Five Ways to Return to Work After Maternity Leave”. In this article Pat shares the 5 most common ways mamas choose to work once they have children and she then offers information and materials to get started on each path. Pat also has a website specifically for new mamas called Maternity Leave Mentor. Sheer genius!!

Mamas, I highly recommend that you take a look at the WorkOptions available to you and seek out Pat’s expert advice if you have questions regarding your situation. In today’s economy, most of us have to work, but as the saying goes, work smarter not harder. Pat Katepoo and her WorkOptions show you how! Click here to visit WorkOptions.

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