In Search of “Mamas on Bedrest”

June 8th, 2012

We need mamas on bed rest to share their stories! It saddens me to say that we don’t yet have a mama of the month for June and we’re already at June 8th!! Mamas, other mamas and the general public need to hear from you.

I understand that for many mamas, once they are done with their bed rest experience, they’d just as soon forget that it happened. Heck, who wants to remember the isolation, the worry, the aches….The baby is here, safe and sound and healthy and that’s what most mamas want to focus on. But it is vital that you share your experience with other mamas who are currently going through the same thing. It is one thing for a mama on bed rest to receive visits and comfort from family and friends. It’s another matter entirely for a mama to hear “her story” from the lips of another mama. It’s in those moments that a mama often says, “She really knows how I feel and what I am going through.” That type of confirmation, that validation that what you are going through is real, it is hard and that there are people there for you who understand exactly where you are and what you are feeling is priceless!

But I am asking for your stories for another reason. As I make the transition from Texas to Boston, I have begun meeting with birth professionals, hospitals, organizations and interested folks to begin integrating Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond into the area. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who have no idea what it is like to be on pregnancy bed rest. (Quite frankly, there are many physicians who are unaware of the more “personal side” of the very bed rest that they prescribe!)  They say, “Wow, I had no idea that this was happening.” Then when I relate the numbers of women who are prescribed bed rest each year, the problems that can arise for both mamas and their babies and how there is little to no support for mamas, I really get their attention, and often the question, “Why is this the first that I am hearing of this?”

It’s so true mamas. We all know about the “Octomom”. We know about the family of quintuplets and we have watched them grow up through the years. Then there is Jon and Kate Plus 8. We hear amazing stories about Siamese twins and their remarkable surgeries to separate them. But we never hear about the mamas. Behind each of those amazing baby stories, there is the story of a mama who struggled and did all that she could do to bring those babies into the world. But for some reason, mamas on bed rest don’t make the news. (For that reason I can’t say that I blame octomom for “going public”.  Crazy as I think she was for having all those babies, her story has been told-even if it isn’t a bed rest story!) There are cable channels running “birth stories” all day long, but rarely do those shows focus on the mama-her feelings and emotions.

So mamas, we want to hear from you! Share your stories with other mamas on bed rest, birth professionals and the general public. We need to let others know what a mama on bedrest goes through-the physical and emotional demands, the demands on family and home responsibilities and the stress that a high risk pregnancy places on a woman’s job and career. It needs to be out there. Please make your voices and your stories heard!

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