Mamas on Bedrest: 5 Ways to Get Your Body Back Post Partum

July 23rd, 2012

HI All,

This is a really quick post calling your attention to 5 great post partum exercise modalities. Julie Relevant, a freelance writer and mom wrote about these 5 modalities for I have to say though, I can only recommend 3 of the 5 modalities for Mamas on Bedrest who are in the early post partum.

Mamas on Bedrest have to be really careful to ease back into activities after being on bed rest, labor and delivery. Your bodies are more deconditioned than most women following labor and delivery and it is important that you engage in exercise programs that allow for a lot of modification. Additionally, it is important that you engage in programs that gradually build strength and muscle tone-especially of the abdominals, pelvic floor and core muscles. So I want to call special attention to the following modalities as presented by Julie Relevant in the article.

1.Xtend Barreis a total body, cardio workout that combines ballet barre and floor work, and Pilates to strengthen, lengthen and sculpt. Multilevel classes can be modified according to your fitness level or if you’re pregnant or injured (or have been on bed rest??!!). Classes are available at more than 70 locations nationwide. $20/class, varies by location.

2.  Hoopnoticauses the movements of “hoola-hooping” to get you strengthened and toned post partum.  Using their Hoopnotica Hoops, Hoopnotica blasts calories (up to 600!), improves flexibility and balance, sculpts your core, tones your entire body, and calms your mind. It also appears gentle enough for former mamas on bed rest to start easing back into exercise. $10-$20, varies by

3. NIA. Developed By Debbie and Carlos Rosas,  The Nia Technique is a complete workout—mind and body—that will keep you moving and engaged the whole time. A sensory-based movement practice based on 52 moves that draw from different types of dance, martial and healing arts, and yoga, you’ll not only burn calories, but you’ll de-stress and feel rejuvenated. All classes are set to inspirational and dynamic music, are taken barefoot and are available in three intensity levels. $5-$14 a class, varies by location.

Two other modalities are mentioned in the article, Chase23’s Body After Baby Challenge and Shine Alternative Fitness in Las Vegas. While both of these modalities are excellent forms of exercise and body sculpting, In my opinion, both are far too aggressive for a former mama on bed rest to engage in in the early post partum following a stint on bed rest. However, only a mama knows what her body can do.

If any of these modalities appeal to you, I highly recommend that you speak with your OB or midwife to first make sure that your body had fully recovered from your pregnancy bed rest and labor and delivery ordeal. Then contact the coordinators of each modality, explain your situation to them and ask how readily their fitness modalities can be modified and how to gently progress them. Be specific and don’t feel shy about telling them if you feel that their workouts are too aggressive for you at the current time.

I know you are anxious to get back into life and to get your body back. But care and caution must be used when easing back into fitness. It is far more prudent to delay beginning an exercise program until your body is ready than to push too soon, engage in something your body is clearly not ready for and to injure yourself-potentially putting yourself back on bed rest!

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