Mamas on Bedrest: Mamas, do you pee when you laugh or cough?

July 25th, 2012

Mamas, do you pee when you laugh or cough?

Many of us (note the “us” here!!) think that peeing when we cough or laugh is an inevitable consequence of pregnancy. However, loss of bladder control and/or pelvic floor strength is not and should not be an expected pregnancy outcome.

Recently, while speaking with a mama on bed rest, she asked if there are more effective ways of maintaining pelvic floor strength while pregnant that won’t be harmful to her pregnancy. To better answer her question, I posed the question to some pelvic floor experts of mine. Here are some awesome resources for mamas on bed rest as well as any woman who would like to maintain pelvic floor strength for a healthier pregnancy, a stronger and more empowered labor and delivery and a stronger core strength post partum. As always, consult with your OB or midwife before engaging in any sort of exercise or movement program.

The Enchantress-By Lara Eardley.

Lara Eardley is a pelvic floor strength instructor devoted to strengthening pelvic floor muscles in women for superior sexual fitness and skill. She is extremely passionate about eradicating the epidemic of incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse in Western Culture. I have taught hundreds of women over the last 6 years for curable incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and sexual fitness with astounding success. In 2010 she wrote the world’s first compendium on internal weight lifting practices “Enchantress” which exposes the abilities some Asian women have developed that enable them to lift up to 20 kilos of weight with their vaginal muscles alone. The book is available in hard copy as well as a PDF download from her website.

Julie Wiebe is a physical therapist who specializes is sports medicine and women’s health. She has created a series of videos that specifically address strengthening a woman’s pelvic floor. The first video in the series is below and I encourage you, if interested to view all the videos in the series of which there are three.

These resources are enough to get any mama started on the road to good core strength. Do you have other great core/pelvic floor strengthening resources? Please share them with us in the comments section below.

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