Mamas on Bedrest: Speak Up!!

July 16th, 2012

Mamas on Bedrest, Mama Mindy Spoke up!

Several months ago, actually over a year ago, I wrote a guest blog for Science and Sensibility, the blog for Lamaze International. It was a discussion on the FDA warning on the use of Terbutaline for the prevention of preterm labor. It was a heated discussion to say the least. Many of the providers commenting felt that I had been too harsh in saying that it was inappropriate to prescribe a drug with potentially severe side effects, especially without giving complete disclosure to patients, mamas, of these side effects.  But I think the power of this discussion came from the comments from mamas. It was fantastic (in my opinion) to see mamas sharing their experiences.

Recently I got a ping of another mama commenting on the blog. Here is Mama Mindy’s experience with Terbutaline during her pregnancy, preterm labor and bed rest experience:

I know i am waaaaay late on this article but for other women who may come across it i just want to share my experience:

I had cramping(contractions) from about 9 weeks till i delivered at 31 weeks after pprom.  I was first given terb at 23 weeks.  5 shots, no dilation, contractions started immediately upon leaving the hospital again.  I was sent back that afternoon, given terb every 3 hours for about 24 hours straight along with constant iv fluids and some other med for contrax. Wasnt even told what it was, it was just injected in my iv.  I was given a cerclage for cervical incompetence…..which is funny because i understood that cervical incompetence was characterized by dilation absent contractions…anyway.  the cerclage seemed to cause even greater uterine irritability.  Literally every week from 23 to 31 weeks i was back in l and d and every time i was given 3 to 5 shots of terb and eventually procardia and indomethacin combined.  I was also given torodol in my iv and had to freak out on the nurse and make her call the dr to find out what the hell they were injecting into me!!! 

So in total i probably recieved between 30 and 40 shots of terb along with torodol, procardia, indo, and one or two drugs i never even knew the name of.  At 29 weeks the peri ordered a terb pump for me.  I flat out refused it.  My ob said he understood my reasoning but recommended it anyway.  The on call dr laughed in my face and refused to let me leave the hospital without it.  I had to sign an ama form.  The peri told me my insurance wouldn’t cover it anyway but then marked me as a noncompliant patient!!  The only person who was reasonable was a nurse who discussed the terb pump in depth with me and agreed that i shouldn’t be a candidate for it.  I had side effcts completely ignored and was treated like i was a monster.  No one wanted to discuss risks or efficacy, it was their way or the highway.  Not only did i have to deal with this from the hospital but now my refusal of the terb pump is even being used against me in a custody case…even after the fda warning.  This is all just nuts to me and women need to start educating themselves and their drs if need be.

As many of you know, one of the greatest motivators for me in creating Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond is to advocate for women’s health and maternity care for all women. Additionally, I want to provide a place where women, mamas, can share information and resources to make wise health care choices. I am absolutely thrilled that mamas are speaking up and at times, gaining the knowledge and resources that they need to make wise health care choices.

Read through the thread on Science and Sensibility’s blog and read mamas’ stories. We really have the right and the power to effect change-not only for ourselves, but for other mamas.

Mamas on Bedrest, Speak Up!

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