Mamas on Bedrest: What’s Your Prognosis?

July 27th, 2012

How many of you mamas, when prescribed bed rest, really understood what the problem was and what the potential outcomes could be? Most mamas are too freaked out to really hear their OB after being told that the pregnancy is in jeopardy and that bedrest is needed. But after the initial shock, most mamas want answers; What exactlyis going on? Why is it occurring? How can/will this impact my baby? Will I have to deliver early? Will I be able to deliver vaginally or will I need to have a cesarean section? Endless questions arise and truth be told, our OB’s seldom have the time to provide answers.

Mamas, if you want more information on your medical condition and want to know the potential outcomes, download the Prognosis: For Moms app. Developed by a team of physicians, programmers and artists, Prognosis: For Momslists several relatively common pregnancy complications. Then using lay person’s terminology and cartoon characters, the app describes the condition, the potential complications and possible outcomes.

The “home page” is a table of contents and lists conditions according to the time they would occur during pregnancy. In early pregnancy, the app covers such conditions as hyperemesis gravidarum, Molar Pregnancy, Miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy. The section on late pregnancy conditions covers many of the conditions for which pregnancy is prescribed such as gestational hypertension, HELLP Syndrome, Placenta Previa, Preterm labor and Premature Rupture of Membranes.

For each condition, there is a cartoon character who is experiencing the condition. We follow her story and at different times within the story see potential outcomes. For example, if a character has a test, we can see what happens if the test results are positive and if they are negative. We can also see what happens if the pregnancy progresses normally from that point on or if other complications arise. I found this app to be easy to understand the vignettes easy to follow and a bit entertaining. And for only $.99 from iTunes, it’s a really great little resource.

The app is designed with a bright pink navigation bar and then a soft beige under the text and story. I particularly appreciated the fact that the characters are multicultural. They appear to come from a wide variety of backgrounds and ethnicities. As a physician assistant and as a former high risk pregnant patient, I appreciated the simple language, the easy to follow stories and the way in which the medical conditions were made real and understandable in a fun way. Medical Joy works, the company that developed the app did so with the expressed purpose of“making learning medicine fun via the medium of smartphones.”

The Prognosis: For Momsapp is available for both smartPhones and iPads from iTunes. Medical Joy Works also offers Prognosis: Your Diagnosis, an app for health care providers to use as a quick reference. It is one of the leading apps utilized by health care provides and providers in training.

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