Mamas on Bedrest: Presenting Sharon Munroe and Advanced Maternal Age!

September 28th, 2012

Mamas on Bedrest, are you 35 or older? When you started your prenatal visits, did your OB/midwife office slap a big  “AMA” or “Advanced Maternal Age” stamp or sticker on you chart?

They did on Sharon Munroe’s chart and that one stamp set an uncomfortable tone on her entire pregnancy. Sharon felt inundated with negativity and statistics about why her pregnancy was at risk because she was an older mama. But Sharon wasn’t daunted. She went on to have a completely normal healthy pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. This experience prompted her to make changes for her next pregnancy 3 years later.

Sharon now shares her experience, resources and pearls of wisdom with older mamas as the owner and editor of  Advanced Maternal Age. Sharon’s mission is to get rid of the label “advanced maternal age” and for obstetrical professionals to view each woman’s pregnancy as a unique entity, while also supporting, informing and empowering older mamas to strive for the pregnancy of their dreams.

3 responses to “Mamas on Bedrest: Presenting Sharon Munroe and Advanced Maternal Age!”

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  2. ChrisJustCNM says:

    I had my first at age 38 and second at age 40. Thank you for this important information.

  3. Darline says:

    Thanks so much for commenting and being another “positive voice” in the “Advanced Maternal Age” choir. Older mamas really can do just fine-REALLY! Yes, there are risks, but many if not most of us can go on to have successful pregnancies.

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