Mamas on Bedrest: An Interview with “The Lost Wife” Author Alyson Richman

November 19th, 2012

A few days ago I had the privilege and pleasure to interview author Alyson Richman.  Ms. Richman and I met by chance last month on twitter when I announced that this month’s book club read would be The Lost Wife. I was both surprised and elated to hear from her and even more tickled when she agreed to a podcast interview.

It’s always a thrill to read a good book. But it’s even more thrilling to be able to sit with an author and really dissect how they developed their characters, gave flesh to the plot and in the end, painted a beautiful canvas filled with word pictures bound up in a book. We experienced a couple of technical difficulties, yet this is a really fun and informative interview. And if you haven’t read The Lost Wife, I highly recommend it!

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