Mamas on Bedrest: The Maternal Quality of Care Indicator Work Group Wants to Hear from YOU!

December 7th, 2012

Hi Mamas,

In my last post I shared that I was having a teleconference with a researcher examining how to improve outcomes for mamas and babies. Well, The Maternal Quality of Care Work Group Wants to Hear from YOU!

(MQI) Work Group is made up of independent clinicians and researchers who have joined together to develop an evidence base  designed to develop, present and support clinically meaningful measures of quality indicators related to pregnancy and childbirth. In plain language, they want to develop a data base of medical treatments and  practices that have been shown through rigorous research to be beneficial to mamas and babies, i.e. promoting healthy outcomes for mamas and babies.

Dr. Kimberly Gregory, OB/GYN, MPH is one of the researchers and had been with the group since its inception in 1996. Her research interests are measuring maternal health care quality, patient safety, obstetrical healthcare utilization, cesarean section rates and complications of labor and delivery, such as uterine rupture and management of macrosomia. She is a member of several professional organizations including the National Medical Association, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine, and has been appointed to the U.S. Public Health Services Prevention Task Force and the Board of Directors for the Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine. She has served on numerous health and public policy committees at both the state and national level. It was with Dr. Gregory that I spoke and shared ideas for her research and how I see it being important for Mamas on Bedrest.

So why should you, Mamas on Bedrest, care about “two science geek ladies” chatting it up?

The answer is simple. We are both passionate about women having babies. And we are equally passionate about ensuring that every woman that gets pregnant has every possible tool, skill, tip and opportunity available to have a happy, healthy, safe childbirthing experience. We are not idealistic. Even as I write this I am fully aware of the fact that not every woman who wants to have a baby will do so, and not every pregnancy, labor and delivery is picture perfect. Yet, the more we study, the more we learn, the more information we can gather the more likely it is that all women will in fact be able to have healthy pregnancies, labors and deliveries.

But there is one more piece. We need to know what is most important to you, Mamas on Bedrest. What would make your pregnancy experience better? What did you expect? What has been the reality-good and bad? Do you think that, had you approached your pregnancy differently, things would be different? Do you think that had your OB approached your pregnancy differently, things would be different? What would you like to do differently going forward? The MQI Work Group is conducting a survey so that they can conduct more research and disseminate more information to clinicians and researchers about what mamas want. So this is it ladies! Make wishes known! Let’s hear from you! Simply click on the link below and share your opinions. Thanks in advance!!

2 responses to “Mamas on Bedrest: The Maternal Quality of Care Indicator Work Group Wants to Hear from YOU!”

  1. Jeanette says:


    Thanks so much for sharing this survey – so important that *all* women’s voices are heard. Thanks for all the amazing work you do in the birth community!

    ~ Jeanette

  2. Darline says:

    My Pleasure. Jeanette. We want all mama’s heard and acknowledged!

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