Mamas on Bedrest: Meet Mama Misty, A Former Mama on Bedrest

March 15th, 2013

Mama Misty KirvanI love hearing from mamas who’ve traveled the bed rest road and successfully delivered health babies!  We all know that the bed rest journey is fraught with anxiety and hearing about another mama’s success can be just what a mama in the trenches  needs to keep going. When I received this message on our Facebook Page from “former Mama on Bedrest” Misty, I asked her if I could share her story to inspire other Mamas. She gladly obliged. So here is how Mama Misty navigated her bed rest journey.

“Hello I joined a while back while being placed on bed rest and just wanted to share my story.  I was put on bed rest at 20 weeks due to a short cervix and started seeing a specialist once a week. At 23 weeks I was hospitalized for 4 long stressful weeks… I literally thought I was losing my mind. My fiancé and I were rocky because I was moody and felt no one understood my situation. Not to mention I live in Texas and he lives in Chicago. It was too late for me to get the cerclage so I was stuck on bed rest until my precious baby girls arrival. At 28 weeks I was able to go back home but continued strict bed rest. Each week was a better chance for my baby girl’s survival. My cervix was completely effaced at 29 weeks. My OB took me off bedrest at 36 weeks, but I still held out because my fiancé owns a business and couldn’t travel to Texas for a couple weeks. He arrived, and I was induced at 39 weeks (full term) to a healthy 6 lb 10 oz baby girl named Kennedy Lynn George… She is my pride and Joy, and this experience has truly humbled me. It’s a very hard experience to go thru but when you see that little ones beautiful face it is all worth it. I hope my story encourages other mothers to hang in there..”

Thanks so much to Misty for sharing her story. Wow! A full 39 week term baby after 16 weeks on bed rest! An amazing accomplishment given she was on her own without her fiance. Way to go Misty and thanks so much for sharing your story!!!

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