Mamas on Bedrest: “Out of Pocket” But In The Best Hands

March 25th, 2013

Hello Mamas,

Last post I shared with you the story of Mama H who is having some pregnancy complications and really needing some answers. So far, she has had to change OB’s and is waiting for her current OB to gather enough information to not only give her a diagnosis, but also a prognosis for whether or not her pregnancy will progress to a healthy child.

I have since heard back from Mama H and learned that she is being treated by one of the best OB’s in her town in India (India, we are getting around!!). As would be expected she is extremely anxious and wanting to know if her baby will survive (If you’ll recall, she lost the child she was carrying a year ago.).

In our last post I reminded Mamas on Bedrest not to be shy about getting a second opinion if their questions and concerns are not being met to their satisfaction. I still hold to this recommendation because I believe that having as much information as possible when making potentially life changing decisions is critical. I am also a strong proponent of not letting money be a deciding factor. Here’s why.

Being that you are on bed rest, it’s safe to assume there is a suspected complication with your pregnancy. You need to see a specialist, but the specialist recommended is $300 and not on your insurance plan. Do you pay out of pocket or wing it? Let’s look at the possible outcomes.

1) You hem and haw, but decide to shell out the cash for the peace of mind. You meet with the specialist and while your condition is abnormal, it does not warrant any major treatment or intervention other than bed rest. You go on to have an uneventful bed rest pregnancy, deliver your baby at 39 weeks (after spontaneous initiation of labor) and have a healthy baby.

Compare this scenario to what could have happened.

2) Mama A is going along in her pregnancy and at what was to be a routine 2nd trimester prenatal visit, her OB recognizes something abnormal. She recommends a Level  II ultrasound. She refers Mama A to a special radiology clinic that does the ultrasound but neither the Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist in charge of the center nor the ultra sound is covered by insurance. When all is said and done, this entire visit will be nearly $750. Convinced She can’t possibly afford the procedure and really “liking” her OB, Mama A decides to stick with her and trust that she will attend to all her needs with no complications.

Mama A goes into labor at 32 weeks. When she gives birth to her son, he is noted to have a loud heart murmur consistent with a hole in his heart that requires major medical attention. The neonatologist who attends the birth mentions that had this abnormality been detected during the pregnancy at the Level II ultrasound, Mama A would have been started on  prescription medication and the heart defect would likely have closed itself. Mama A’s little boy is treated and does go on to lead a healthy normal life. But Mama A’s little boy spent several weeks in the NICU and by the time he went home, Mama A’s family was some $500,000 in debt.*

If Mama A had had the Level 2 Ultrasound and taken medication she may have spent a total of $1000. Now I am not saying that this is a trivial amount of money. But I am relatively sure that Mama A could have weathered $1000 far better than $500,000.

Sometimes the best answer to a situation is not the easiest, most obvious or most inexpensive answer. Sometimes that best answer at the time really hurts and blows your budget to bits. But it has been my experience that to be a “out of pocket to be in the best hands” has always served me well. Everyone has to make their own decisions and I am in no way trivializing expenses (I know debt intimately!!!), but I am suggesting that we all look beyond the monetary for the true value for which we seek.


*This is a totally fictitious scenario and Mama A is a totally fictitious mama!!!

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