Mamas on Bedrest: Your Story Has The Power to Heal Another Mama

March 11th, 2013


2 Days before I Went into labor with my daughter

2 Days before I Went into labor and gave birth to my daughter

Do you know that your story has the power to heal another woman?? I was made powerfully aware of this recently.

If you are active on our Facebook Page, you know that I recently traveled to North Carolina to do research on my great grandmother who was a midwife from 1931 through 1956.  While I found the information that I need to write about my great grandmother, I also discovered the lives and stories of several other women who were midwives during the early 1900’s. Learning about these women, mostly African American women, who worked so hard to attend to the women in their communities and to make sure that the women and their babies had as strong a start in life as possible was utterly inspiring to me. They had very little to work with; cloths, a few rudimentary instruments and their hands, yet  they collectively birthed 100’s of babies, generations of families in rural North Carolina. Although their stories took place nearly 100 years ago, they are powerful profiles of women in action, pro-active, and standing strong for the mamas, babies and families in their charge. They truly inspired me.

Recently I have been recently asked to share my own life stories. On one blog, I am sharing my journey of trying to become pregnant and having my children. On another blog I share the journey of how I got to this very point in my life today. It’s been an honor and pleasure to share my journeys. I was completely caught off guard when I was asked. I am so intimate with the stories that I failed to see their importance beyond my own life experience. But as my stories are posted, I am receiving texts, e-mails and Facebook mentions and tweets about how my stories are inspiring and helping other women.

Now Mamas, it’s your turn. You may feel like your bed rest experience is simply a bummer. But all of you who “survive” bed rest and have healthy babies bring inspiration and hope to mamas currently on bed rest. You mamas who endured difficult pregnancies, labors and deliveries-whose babies spent time in the NICU and are now growing and thriving-are invaluable resources to mamas who may be just getting started on the journey of having a child with special needs.  They need your words of encouragement and they need your support.

Mamas, share your story, your experiences, your tips and advice on our Facebook Page. Share your story on other online forums. When this journey is done, share with other Mamas on Bedrest.  Be a volunteer. Become a spokesperson. Mentor and support another mama in the trenches. You are truly an invaluable resource and believe it or not, your story has the power to inspire and heal another mama.

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