Mamas on Bedrest: Pre-Eclampsia…More than Pregnancy Induced Hypertension

May 8th, 2013

Pre-Eclampsia is a leading cause for which women receive the bed rest prescription. Bedrest Coach Darline Turner shares the definition of pre-eclampsia, how it is diagnosed, how it is treated and what Mamas on Bedrest can do to care for themselves and partner in their health care if they are diagnosed with Pre-eclampsia. For more information, see our previous blog posts on Pre-Eclampsia or send e-mail us at

May is National Pre-Eclampsia Awareness Month. Viacord, a cord blood bank company, is planning and supporting activities to benefit the Pre-Eclampsia Foundation.  The Campaign is called the “Aware Because I Care” Campaign and it is a month long initiative to raise funds for the Pre-Eclampsia Foundation. They are accepting donations of $10, collecting and donating up to $10,000. The funds will be used for Pre-Eclampsia patient education, medical research and direct support for women with the disorder. Learn more about the #awarebecauseicare campaign here.

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