Mamas On Bedrest: Got a Medical Question? Tap into HealthTap for Answers

June 3rd, 2013


When you have medical questions, where do you go for answers? Do you ask your OB? Do you ask a friend? Relatives? How do you handle those pressing medical questions that plague you late at night?

Nagging questions can be burdensome, and often times a simple answer can put your mind to rest. But who do you call when it’s 2 am and your mind is running amok with all sorts of scenarios and “what ifs”?  Which websites should you view? How should you search? And how reputable is the information that you find?

HealthTap LogoMamas, I’d like to introduce you to HealthTap. HealthTap is a health information website with over 40,000 physicians in 3000 cities in all 50 states and 128 specialties. You can post a question and several physicians will  answer, or, you can search the archives for answers to similar questions.  According to Forbes and The New York Times, this immediate access to health information is the wave of the future.

I had the opportunity to hear the founder and CEO, Ron Gutman, speak at Austin’s South by Southwest a couple of years ago when HealthTap was in its development phase. It’s really an interesting concept. For patients, there is an incredible amount of information available right at your fingertips, anytime, day or night. For physicians, there is  a wide reaching platform from which to share expertise nationwide and with consumers otherwise out of reach. HealthTap has the potential to catapult a physician onto the worldwide stage; a physician shares his/her expertise, a syndication or publication sees them and boom-overnight fame, success, the potential to be the next “Dr. Oz. It truly is the interactive wave of the future.

However, there are limitations. While you can ask “personal” questions, most of the physicians cannot offer specific medical advice as they are unable to see you and learn the specific nuances of your situation. So much of the information you’ll receive is general in nature. But at 2 am to be able to calm feelings of anxiety, its a good thing! Also, the information provided is strictly medical in nature. I don’t believe that you are going to get a lot of holistic advice. These are board certified physicians and as is customary, the psycho-social aspects of medicine are left to the consumer.

HealthTap-Smartphone-Member-AppOn May 30, 2013, HealthTap rolled out its app, AppRx. AppRx is an app that recommends the most helpful health apps-per the physicians in the network. While this is a useful service if you are looking for very specific medical information, i.e. what are the best websites/apps for tracking blood sugars, it may not be the best place to look for information on best places to give birth. I don’t know that you are going to get a lot of pro home birth information or information on how to choose a doula. So the app and the website have their limitations. The app is available for both smartphones and tablets.

Like all new technology, there are good things and not so good things. I think that HealthTap is a useful website for people to use to learn more about their health and medical conditions. AppRx is a good tool to use to start a search for medical information. However, I also believe that there is more to health and healing than medical procedures and interventions, and while you will get great medical information, you won’t likely get the information you’ll actually need to really “live” with your condition day by day. I think that consumers should investigate HealthTap and the AppRx and use them as the information tools they are intended to be. Additionally, I think consumers need to be savvy and examine all aspects of their health care conditions and integrate necessary health and wellness practices along with medical treatment for a comprehensive approach to their situation.

On this week’s Wednesday Video, I’ll download and go through the AppRx.


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