Mamas on Bedrest: Post Due Dates After Bedrest

June 26th, 2013

Several of the mamas in our community are now “post due date” after several weeks of bed rest.  Why would a Mama on Bedrest, who was previously at risk of preterm labor and preterm delivery, now be post due dates? There really is not concrete answer to this question other than, we really don’t know the exact moment of conception, so due dates are merely estimates.

While it seems somewhat paradoxical that a Mama on Bedrest would then go on to have a post dates baby, the logical explanation really isn’t so far fetched. There has long been controversy surrounding the bed rest prescription. While many women credit bed rest for the birth of healthy babies, current evidence does not affirm bed rest as beneficial. Reports from they Mayo clinic, Pregnancy and others seem to think that the more logical explanation for pregnancy success in a woman with preterm labor concerns early on is that once the acute situation that warranted bed rest has been stabilized, there is no further need for bed rest. As ACOG and others wrestle with just how to manage pregnant women with complications deeming the high risk, we’re happy to see more and more mamas carrying to term, spontaneously going into labor and delivering healthy babies.



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