Mamas on Bedrest: Take a Look at the “My Preemie” App

August 14th, 2013

In this Wednesday’s video blog, I take a look at the “My Preemie” app. Developed by the authors of the book, “The Essential Guide for Parents of Premature Babies”, the app is a way for parents to chronicle their child’s stay in the NICU, to learn more about premature infants, prematurity and how to care for a premature infant, and how best to utilize hospital staff and resource. It is available in the apple app store for $4.99.

I had the opportunity to use the app and it really is nice. It has a place to record the baby’s birth information and to track progress and put little notes and anecdotes. The app functions very much like a baby book. Personally, while this would have been nice when my daughter was born, I prefer the baby book. But to each her own. If you like electronic records, then this is a great way to record the first days of your child’s life.

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