Mamas on Bedrest: What to Expect in the NICU

August 8th, 2013

It’s Video Thursday!!!

Okay, I got bogged down with some things yesterday and could not get to the blog. Considered scrapping it until next week, but figured, why not go ahead and upload a day later??? So here it is.

Today’s video shares with you information about “What To Expect in the NICU”. ┬áThese are a series of short youtube videos produced by Prolacta BioScience, the human breast milk Enhancement company. As you’ll recall, Ms. Terry Johnson RN was gracious enough to join us in a podcast interview last April and share with us what breast milk enhancement is and why it is so important for premature infants.

I really like these videos because they give a good overview of what to expect as your baby is cared for in the NICU. They particularly grabbed my attention as when my daughter was put into the NICU nearly 11 years ago, I had had no warning and was completely blindsided by her being admitted and all that came with it.

While I am not trying to sound like a Nervous Nelly, I would like to suggest that all Mamas on Bedrest at least tuck the link to the videos somewhere safe and convenient so that they can refer to them if/when they need them. Enjoy!!

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