Mamas on Bedrest: Check Out Our “Hit Parade”!

September 23rd, 2013

I got the most fantastic surprise when I opened the Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond Facebook Page.  It is a veritable hit parade of babies!!!

If you are familiar with our community, you know that we are big, I mean BIG on supporting mamas who are really “going through it”. Now that’s not to say that every Mama in our community isn’t facing challenges with her pregnancy. She wouldn’t be in our community if she weren’t.  But some mamas have really difficult times and we all come together in virtual support of these mamas on need.

Most recently Mama Amber was fighting for her life and the life of her little man Christian. Amber developed a very serious case of pre-eclampsia and her blood pressures shot up so high that her own life as well as that of her son’s was in jeopardy. Her godmother Ronna contacted us and we mamas got busy. Mamas prayed, sent healing thoughts, did meditations, sent messages, whatever they could do from afar in order to support Amber and Christian. And after about a week and a half, Amber delivered a very tiny but feisty Christian. Since then, Ronna has kept us up on Amber and Christian’s progress, and has been sending up photos of this every growing little man.

As I have said before, this is nothing new for us here at Mamas on Bedrest and Beyond. We held space for Jessica-Lyn while on bed rest and she was able to have a fabulous water birth/midwife delivery of her darling daughter. We comforted Mamas Trista and Haley when their babies decided that they liked bed rest so much they weren’t coming out! (Both were well past due dates but fine and dandy once they decided to make their appearances!) And the stories continue. Mamas chime in from around the globe with love and support for their “sisters in the struggle”. Germany, Belgium, Ireland, India and  Australia are just a few of the countries represented by our Mamas.

But even with all the stories and interactions, sometimes I wonder, “Is this really doing anything?” Tonight I got my answer. I opened the Facebook page for something and there they were-babies, babies everywhere! Beautiful, robust, healthy babies-all from mamas who had been on bed rest and who have been in our community. I have to admit, all their sweet faces brought tears to my eyes. To think that I may have played even the tiniest role in their coming into this world is heady to say the least.

So if you get a moment, take a look at our Facebook page. There are beautiful babies all over it and they are the love and joys of “former” Mamas on Bedrest. If you can’t see them, look on the right hand side of the page under “Recent posts by others”.  Scroll down, look around and see the beautiful babies of Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond. 

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