Mamas on Bedrest: There are no dumb questions!

September 25th, 2013

Hello Mamas,

I got a message from a mama new to our community asking about surviving bed rest with a cerclage. She was feeling “sheepish” and didn’t want to post to the group. Now one might surmise that this mama is shy. This may well be true. But most times when mamas send me direct messages, they do so because they fear that their questions are too trivial or dumb. Let me just clear the air here.


Mamas, while there are a few of you who are “repeaters” on bed rest, by and large the vast majority of mamas in our community are first time Mamas on Bedrest. And think about it, when else in your life are you going along, minding your own business and doing your thing, when in the blink of an eye (or actually at the sweep of an ultrasound wand or at the touch of your OB’s hand) you find  yourself suddenly confined to bed? Okay, this could happen if you were in a major car accident or perhaps had a heart attack. But in our community of young, healthy women,  few if any of us have ever been so completely knocked out of our lives as we are on bed rest. And for most of us, there is no warning. We go in for what we think is a routine prenatal visit, then boom, bed rest. Now some mamas enter bed rest emergently; i.e. due to preterm labor, elevated blood pressure or other more obvious symptoms. But again, the vast majority of women come to bed rest in total shock and completely blindsided.

Now, given that most mamas have never experienced bed rest, is it any surprise that we find ourselves at a loss for what to do? How to feel? How to manage? This is the beauty of Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond! I specifically designed this community to be interactive because the best way to learn is from someone right there in the trenches with you! The mamas in our community are excellent resources in themselves! At all points along the gestation spectrum, we have very new mamas, mamas who are iminently going to deliver and mamas now holding their bundles of joy. Mamas have had preterm labor, placenta previa, pre-eclampsia, and yes, LOTS of cervical insufficiency and cerclages. And the beautiful thing is that when a mama is in need, another mama very often has the answer to her question!

Mamas, I love interacting with you and answering your questions. But I want to reiterate the fact that we are all on pretty equal footing here. Yes, I have a physician assistant background and a public health concentration that makes my answers (sometimes) a bit more complete. But many of the mamas here have good, practical advice-advice that your doctors really don’t know and advice that can really make a difference in how you go through your bed rest experience. No one here would ever say a question is “dumb”. Very likely, we’ve all had the same question! And if history has any bearing, as soon as you ask your question, 3 or 4 mamas will respond. It’s just how we roll.

So mamas, it’s okay to be shy and if you still don’t want to publicly post your questions, that’s fine. I will always answer them. So feel free to send them via e-mail to or on the private message tab on our Facebook Page. Questions that I think will be beneficial to the entire community I’ll repost anonymously and answer or answer in one of the video blogs.

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