Mamas on Bedrest: How Do I Regain My Strength After Bedrest?

October 9th, 2013

Former Mama on Bedrest Zoya sent me this question:

“I was on strict bed rest for 5 and a half months of my pregnancy, though i successfully gave birth to my DD, who is a healthy and naughty one year old now, i do not seem to have gained back even half my muscle strength. I have been a regular gym and outdoors person all my life but since late walking up a flight of stairs seems to be a task.┬áThis frustrates me into trying more and more of cardio and pushing myself to do more but i just feel set back further into pain and weakness. Ive been to doctors who who suggest recovery takes time.. but now i feel old and sad all the time..n im barely 26 !”

It’s not uncommon for mamas to have a hard time regaining their pre-pregnancy level of fitness after prolonged bed rest. But its important not to overlook a potential physiologic reason for the problem. In this week’s Video Wednesday Vlog, I answer Zoya’s question and make a few suggestions that all Mamas on Bedrest and former Mamas on Bedrest should take to heart.

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