Mamas on Bedrest: Create You Own Valentine’s Goodness

February 14th, 2014

Hello Mamas and Happy Valentine’s Day!

While going through the list of topics about which I have to write, none of them appealed to me. While I love perinatal health and researching and chatting about all things pregnancy, lately I feel that a lot of the research and news briefs coming out are negative-well, perhaps not negative, but certainly downers. Today is Valentines’ Day and while I don’t know what the weather is like in your area (spoke with my parents in Boston and they are under almost 2 feet of snow!), it’s a gorgeous, bright sunny day outside my window. I just couldn’t bring myself to write about health care disparities, the conflict/debate over which is better: OB care or midwife care, maternal and infant mortality. These are all very important subjects. But today, let’s just have a bit of love and light.

Since many of you are homebound, I was thinking of ways to spruce up your surroundings. I recently attended a women’s meditiation circle and we all brought spa items to share. Naya, the facilitator showed us how to make our own bath salts. I brought a chocolate scrub. Someone else brought some essential oils….That room smelled so wonderful by the time we left! So I am going to share some of my favorite spa/pampering items for you to create for yourselves. I like to use regular kitchen/food items as I have very sensitive skin and I find I am less likely to react to food items than some essential oils. Do be careful, though as some herbs can stimulate reactions. If you are not sure, check with an herbalist before adding. My good friend Ginger Webb at Texas Medicinals is my go to gal as is Freya Morani, Rootmama.

Scrubs are an easy thing to make. I start wtih regular old epsom salts. You can use sea salt as well, and course sea salt will provide a really good exfoliant. But I find that too much salt is harsh on my skin. Try it out and see what you like. Since I do have sensitive skin, I frequently cut the salt in my scrubs with sugar. I like fine brown sugar a lot, but again, depending on what I am going for, I’ll use a fine (NOT powdered) white sugar. Then I’ll add about a cup of Grapeseed oil. That is my base. Then I add in whatever I like for fragrance. Here is a great recipe for a chocolate scrub my friend shared with me.

photoChocolate Scrub

Epsom or Sea Salt (about 2 cups)

Fine granulated sugar (about 1 cup)

1 Cup Grapeseed oil

1/2 cup Cocoa

1 teaspoon-1 Tablespoon Vanilla or Mint

Mix it all together in a bowl. You can make it more coarse by adding more salt/sugar or more creamy/soft by adding more grapeseed oil. You can also adjust the fragrance by adding more or less vanilla or mint.

Note: The scrubs can also be used as bath salts. I didn’t want to mention that here because I know most of you are banned from baths for the time being. Just an FYI for later on!

When I went to the meditation circle, Naya made this Rosemary and lemon scrub/bath salt. While I liked the smell, I have to say I’m not wild about things floating in my bath water! But if you are interested, start with about 2 cups salt, then add rosemary leaves and lemon oil to your preference.

Sensitive Skin Milk Bath

I break out at the drop of a hat! So when I’ve rubbed up against something and I’m ready to rip my skin off scratching, I’ll try this bath mixture,

Oatmeal (chop it up in a blender to make it nice and fine) about 1 cup

Powdered Milk – about 1/2 cup

Honey-about 1/4 cup

Now I take this ooey gooey mixture and stick it in an old knee high (remember I hate stuff floating in my bath water!!) Then just drop it in the water while the bath is filling and soak. The oatmeal relieves itches and the milk and honey soothe the skin. You’ll come out feeling soft and smelling really sweet!


My college roommate and I used to make potpourri in our dorm to kill the funky odor that persisted.  We took an electric hot pot and filled it with water and plugged it in. Then we simply added whatever; orange rinds, vanilla sticks, cinnamon sticks-every thing is fair game! One that I really like is hibiscus flowers with lavender flowers. They give off the most lovely fragrance! Again you can add mint, chamomile tea…Let you mind flow! This would be a great way to spruce up your surrounding this Valentine’s Day!

These are simple, fun and really pleasant ways to pamper yourself and your surroundings. I know many of you can’t take a bath, but perhaps you can sweet talk your sweetie into rubbing your feet and legs and hands with some homemade scrub? Maybe soak your feet in the sensitive skin bath? (Oh, your feet will be sooo soft!!)

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, Great Friday and a pleasant weekend!

Do you have a recipe for a homemade spa remedy? Please share it with us in the comments section below!


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