Hip Relief for Mamas on Bedrest!

March 12th, 2014

Welcome to Video Wednesday, Mamas!

Today’s video blog was inspired by my own stiffness. I woke up this morning, well rested, but stiff. As I got up and hobbled my way to the bathroom, it dawned on me, I was only in bed for about 9 hours. If I can be this stiff, how stiff are Mamas on Bedrest?

Pregnancy is not easy on a woman’s body. As the uterus grows, the broad ligaments and the uterosacral ligaments have to expand to allow for the uterine growth. At the same time, they have to continue to support and suspend the uterus within the pelvis. Relaxin plays a huge role in these ligaments being able to stretch and adapt as well as allowing the bones of the pelvis (the pubic bone in particular) to relax and separate to allow for the passage of the baby during delivery. While all these ligamentous and skeletal changes are happening, the muscles are going, “Wait a minute, we’re supposed to hold things together. We’re supposed to keep the body in line and moving in this one particular fashion.” So what happens is a push-pull; the ligaments and tendons are softening and allowing for additional stretch and expansion while the muscles of the low back, hips, pelvis and thigha are working really hard to hold everything “in place.” So can you see while you are sore?

So to get myself moving, I went to a yoga class and had a really great stretch. I share with you now some simple stretches that you can do to in bed to ease some of the pain and discomfort in your hips and to give yourself a bit of relief.

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