Mamas on Bedrest: Put off Projects until Tomorrow to Be with Your Baby Today

June 4th, 2014

Happy Wednesday, Mamas!

In your haste to “reclaim” your lives after bed rest and baby, I want to remind you that you need time to rest, recuperate and bond with your newborn who is experiencing “life on the outside” for the very first time.

This past weekend I was completing a 10 month course and some women new to the course were asking if they should continue with the longer curriculum. One was a very pregnant mama, due to deliver only days before the next round of the course was to begin. And I could hardly believe my ears when she asked me, point blank, if I thought she should sign up for the longer course for the fall. My answer was a resounding “NO”!

Mamas, There are a multitude of things all grabbing at your attention and curiosity. But nothing is more important in those first 6-8 weeks than you and your baby. Take the time to rest. Give your body time to heal and to readjust after the rigors of pregnancy, bedrest, labor and delivery. Give your newborn the time s/he needs to adjust to life in the world outside of your warma and cozy womb. Trips, jobs, career opportunities and courses will all come and go. But this time with your baby, this time after your body had worked valiantly, is a one time deal. If not done well, you and your baby could suffer negative consequences.

This is not a time to multitask. This is a time to be selfishly greedy on behalf of you, your baby and your family. Take on nothing new. Do no favors. Volunteer for no projects. Put off all projects until tomorrow to be fully and completely with your baby today!

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